Little Caesars Slices-N-Stix gets a bold flavor upgrade delighting pizza fans

Slices-N-Stix with Jalapeño, photo provided by Little Caesars
Slices-N-Stix with Jalapeño, photo provided by Little Caesars /

With the Little Caesars Slices-N-Stix, pizza fans do not have to choose between the slice or the bread stick. The combination pizza is an indecisive lovers dream. To kick off the new year, the duo offering is getting two bold flavor upgrades.

While many people appreciate that pizza night is part of the weekly menu planning, the particular order might have people debating over the preferred pizza toppings. From extra cheese to meat lovers to even those veggies, some people’s preferences might be left off the order. Add to that conversation the preference between slices and sticks can get even more heated.

Previously, Little Caesars Slice-N-Stix delighted pizza fans by offering pepperoni pizza on one side and cheese breadsticks on the other. Whether people enjoyed ripping, dipping, or folding that pie, it was the simple solution to giving everyone their preferred taste around the table.

For the new year, the Little Caesars Slices-N-Stix are getting a flavor upgrade. The “stix” portion can now be topped with jalapenos or bacon.

Little Caesars Slices-N-Stix
Slices-N-Stix with Jalapeño, photo provided by Little Caesars /

As Greg Hamilton, Chief Marketing Officer at Little Caesars said, “What’s better than the iconic combination of delicious pepperoni pizza and cheesy breadsticks? We think the option of savory bacon or spicy jalapeño will really heat things up for pizza fans this winter.”

Whether the timing is for the chilly winter months or the end of football season can be debated, but the addition of jalapeno and bacon is welcome. Sometimes plain cheese is a little too bland for some people’s taste. Adding these toppings makes the pizza order even more appealing for the groups or the big game. Given that Little Caesars is now the official pizza of the NFL, this offering could be a huge order for that end of season game.

The Little Caesars Slices-N-Stix is available now for a limited time. The pepperoni pizza and cheese breadsticks is just $6.99 and the bacon or jalapeño breadsticks option is $7.99. The classic cheese offering will be part of the Hot-N-Ready offering from 4 till 8 p.m. The bacon or jalapeno option is available via online ordering.