Tito’s and Martha Stewart put that vodka bottle to good use during Dry January

Martha Stewart and Tito's DIY ideas, photo provided by Tito's
Martha Stewart and Tito's DIY ideas, photo provided by Tito's /

While Dry January might be on the agenda for some people, Tito’s and Martha Stewart do not want that vodka bottle to collect dust. Even if jigger is put aside for that favorite cocktail, the liquor can be used in other ways. Being creative with food and beverages is a good thing.

As one year begins, many people look to improve their lifestyle choices. It could be a decision to cut back on alcohol, move more, get organized, or a multitude of other positive choices. Whether it is called a resolution, an improvement, or just a choice, the reality is that change can be a good thing.

Martha Stewart is the ultimate lifestyle expert. From the perfect roast chicken to repurposing classic household items in new year, many people turn to Stewart for that impressive tips. More importantly, over the past couple of years, the media maven has found a little humor in her persona. Whether she has lit up a conversation that that was unexpected or laughed at some of her highbrow advice, the affable turn has endeared her even more.

To kick off January, Tito’s and Martha Stewart have joined forces to show that the vodka bottle is more than just the liquor in a Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, or other cocktail. It can be the household savior for all those to-do improvement projects.

As Taylor Berry, VP of Brand Marketing at Tito’s Handmade Vodka said, “We understand that Tito’s drinkers might choose to opt out of drinking this month to partake in dry January, and we support them in doing that. We’ll still be here when February rolls around, but we wanted to offer up some helpful alternate ways to use our vodka until then. And if you decide dry January or ‘DIY January’ is not for you? That’s ok, we support Dry Martini January as well.”

Check out the video from Tito’s Vodka and Martha Stewart.

What are some Tito’s vodka bottle tips and tricks to use beyond the cocktail glass?

While many people know how to shake up a great Tito’s vodka cocktail, that crystal clear liquid can be used outside of the glass. As seen in the video, there are several DIY tips that will ensure the bottle never gets dusty on the shelf.

Deodorize Shoes

During the winter months, things can get a little musty. A little spritz in those shoes, boots, or sneakers can give them a fresh start. Move over Dr. Scholls, this option is far more pleasant than other deodorizing sprays.

Pasta Sauce

Cooking with liquor is always a tasty option. While that flambe might make a statement, vodka can be used in a classic vodka sauce. It can be that little kick to make the sauce a little more flavorful. Just remember to cook off the liquor for those younger guests.

Cleaning Mirrors and Windows

Often a new year means a fresh start. Vodka can help make windows and mirrors sparkle. A spray and wipe will make everything sparkle.

Preserving Fresh Cut Flowers

A secret known by florists, a little vodka in the water can help keep fresh cut flowers fresher. Just a spoonful will keep those flowers perky.

Pie Crust

Bakers know that a flaky crust can get a boost from vodka. Simply add ¼ cup of Tito’s to the dough. As the vodka evaporates during baking, the pie crust will be flaky and delicious.

Room Spray

While some people love the smell of candle or plug-ins, vodka with a few drops of essential oils can be an instant pick-me up. Just make sure that a separate bottle is used for this idea, like those little single serving bottles. Essential oils and vodka are not ingestible.

De-Ice Your Windshield

This winter season has been full of extreme weather. Instead of the hair of the dog, a little vodka spray on the windshield can be a de-ice hack. Simply mix one-part room-temperature water with two parts Tito’s. It will make quick work of removing that icy cover.

Vanilla Extract

Even though some people might want to take a break from baking, making homemade vanilla extract could be that flavor which brings people back to the mixer. Whole vanilla beans can be infused in vodka for a great homemade vanilla extract. Simply use two vanilla beans per 8 ounces of Tito’s.

These options are just a few of the many ways that the Tito’s vodka bottle can be used beyond the cocktail shaker. Ready to get inspired for the new year?