Carl’s Jr celebrates the A.1.Double Cheeseburger returning with a special pairing

Carl’s Jr A.1.Double Cheeseburger and Knocking Wine pairing, photo provided by Carl's Jr
Carl’s Jr A.1.Double Cheeseburger and Knocking Wine pairing, photo provided by Carl's Jr /

While the drive-thru might offer convenience, the food does not have to be eaten directly from the bag. Even if the meal isn’t eaten on a white tablecloth, creative food pairings can be on the menu. To celebrate Carl’s Jr return of the A.1. Double Cheeseburger, it is time to uncork a special wine pairing that will make the flavors taste even better.

Pairing fast food and wine is not necessarily a new idea. Just because the dollars spent might be far less than a celebrity chef restaurant doesn’t mean that the flavor combinations cannot be on point. Bougie or basic, it is about enjoyment, not fitting into specific categories. It is just about appreciating a food and beverage pairing.

As part of the A.1. Double Cheeseburger return, Carl’s Jr partnered with Nocking Point Wines to offer the Carl’s Jr Wine Pairing Bundle. For those who remember, the quick service restaurant and the wine brand partnered together previously. This offering is meant to highlight the flavor of the special burger and prove that fast food and wine can, and do, go together.

CKE Restaurants VP of Global Culinary Innovation Owen Klein said, “After the busy holidays, there is no better time to sit back and relax with a mouth-watering cheeseburger and a glass of red wine. That’s why we are bringing back our partnership with Nocking Point Wines to celebrate the return of our A.1. Double cheeseburger. The Carl’s Jr. Wine Pairing Bundle allows consumers to replicate a fine dining experience for an unbeatable price and the ability to enjoy on a night in.”

The Wine Pairing Bundle includes a Blend Your Happy and a NP Origins Pinot Noir. The Blend Your Happy is a Grenache and Syrah blend. Thinking of the steak sauce on the cheeseburger citrus notes in the wine balance the tangy flavors. Although there is an underlying spice note, it adds a slight roundness to the overall pairing. It is approachable and that makes it an enjoyable pairing.

The other options, the NP Origins Pinot Noir, is a 100% Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. There are some jammy, fruity notes in this wine. That fruity note enhances the beefy quality of the burger. While the steakhouse seasoning comes to the forefront, the combination of flavors is quite enjoyable.

The A.1. Double Cheeseburger is available now through February 7. The Carl’s Jr and Nocking Point Wines bundle is available on the wine brand’s website. People who purchase the wine bundle will receive a promo code for a free A.1. Double Cheeseburger with $1 or more purchase.

Whether the wine is served in crystal or a plastic cup and whether the meal is served on China or a paper plate, it comes down to enjoying the food and beverage pairing without pretense. Good food is tasty, with no price requirement.