Are fast food wine pairings becoming the newest food trend?

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Is it time to skip the soda and switch to fast food wine pairings?

Sometimes the newest food trend can be outside of the box. Fast food wine pairings are starting to take over the foodie world. Why just have a soda when you can open a robust cabernet?

Food and beverage pairings can vary. Putting aside the old school rules, often a food and wine pairing is based on personal preference. Of course, some flavors pair better than others. Still, there is value to enjoying what you like.

Recently, some fast food brands have suggested fast food wine pairings. Carl’s Jr partnered Nocking Point Wines to make some recommendations for its steakhouse burgers.

Taco Bell Canada released the Jalapeno Noir. The limited edition wine was meant to be paired with its menu item, the Toasted Cheesy Chalupa.

Both of these fast food wine pairings helped to highlight new menu items. Just like a traditional wine pairings, these choices are based on flavors. From the bolder wines to stand up to the Carl’s Jr Steakhouse burger to the fruity Pinor Noir notes to compliment the Toasted Cheesy Chalupa, these wine pairings were thoughtful.

While many people will look at these ideas as whimsical, the idea makes wine pairings more approachable. It is more than rose all day. These ideas show that wine can and does go with all types of food. In a way, it demystifies wine.

Although these offerings are limited, it could be the start of a new food trend. Why can’t that fast food hamburger, taco or even fried chicken be served with wine. Just like using the good china for any reason, not just a special occasion, why should that bottle of wine wait for a special dinner.

Could fast food wine pairings be a new food trend? Why not open a bottle of your favorite wine and see what fast food pairings you can create.

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What are your favorite wines? Do you experiment with food and wine pairings?