New Grillo’s Pickle flavor will be determined by the fans

Grillo's Pickles asks fans to vote on its new pickle flavor, photo provided by Grillo's Pickles
Grillo's Pickles asks fans to vote on its new pickle flavor, photo provided by Grillo's Pickles /

For many people, pickles are more than just a side to a sandwich or a burger. That briny bite offers the ultimate crunch. Spicy, sweet or something in between, the spear, chip or whole pickle is irresistible. Now, pickle fans will get their voices heard because they are determining the new Grillo’s Pickle flavor.

Anyone loves a great pickle knows that the crunch is imperative to eating enjoyment. The idea of a flaccid pickle on the plate is just sad. When that flavor is meant to add some brightness to a dish, no one wants a floppy spear to weigh the flavor down.

Grillo’s Pickles uses a 100-year old family recipe that creates a fresh, crunchy, and tangy pickles. Always shipped and sold cold, the sweet, spicy, or sour flavors have that punch from the moment the jar is opened.

Given that pickle fans are very passionate, the new Grillo’s Pickle flavor will be one that they will crave over and over. Since fans will determine the next jar joining the line-up, it is poised to be a huge hit.

As Eddie Andre, Head of Brand Experience at Grillo’s Pickles shared, “”We have the best fans out there so we’re excited to roll out our first fan voted flavor campaign. Some of these flavors we used to make over a decade ago so it’s fun to revisit them and see what our fans think. It’s definitely going to be a close call between which flavor wins but we’re excited to see what Grillo’s fans choose as their favorite to add to their fridge.”

New Grillo's Pickle flavor
Grillo’s Pickles asks fans to vote on its new pickle flavor, photo provided by Grillo’s Pickles /

What could be the new Grillo’s Pickle flavor?

According to a recent announcement from the pickle company, fans can vote for one of the three following flavors, Jamaican Jerk, Sweet & Spicy, and Lemon Pepper. Looking at the flavor options, it is hard to determine which one will earn top billing.

The Sweet & Spicy offering might be the most approachable. It is a classic combination that can be found on the shelf. As long as the spice and sweet is balanced, it is combination that will have broad based appeal. Thinking about this flavor, it has the most versatility, too. From burgers to sandwiches, it can be paired with almost anything.

The Jamaican Jerk lends itself to many recipes. Although served as a chip, it could be easily chopped as a topping for a taco or even a garnish on a bowl. In addition, it would be delightful with fish, chicken or even pork. For anyone who loves a pulled pork sandwich, this pickle flavor could offer a new flavor boost.

Lastly, the Lemon Pepper is the flavor for chicken sandwich fans. That zesty lemon paired with the spicy pepper will brighten a grilled chicken sandwich in the best way. It could even get some turkey burger fans singing its praises. It might not be the expected pickle flavor, but the citrus component makes it exciting.

Fans have until Sunday, January 29th at 12:00 am EST to vote on their favorite pickle flavor via the brand’s social media channels. The new Grillo’s pickle flavor will be announced in February.

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What do you think of these pickle flavors? Do you have an alternative option that you would have liked to see on the voting list?