SweeTARTS Gummy Fruity Splitz offers double the chewy enjoyment

SweeTARTS Gummy Splitz, photo provided by SweeTARTS
SweeTARTS Gummy Splitz, photo provided by SweeTARTS /

The candy that has always celebrated two sides of a flavor story is back with a new offering. The SweeTARTS Gummy Fruity Splitz has the perfect texture to capture that fun with flavor. Ready to have some fun with both the sweet and tart?

Over the past several years, SweeTARTS has pushed the texture conversation with its candies. From gummy to chewy, the classic, harder candy was joined by several options. Although these additions captured the attention of a wider audience, the offerings added another level of fun in the bag. Whether items were eaten on their own, added to a mix, or used as a decoration on a dessert, one package opened a plethora of opportunities.

The new SweeTARTS Gummy Fruity Splitz gives the gummy a dual personality. Half sweet and half tart, the soft candy shows both its sides. While many people might just throw a handful in their mouth and enjoy, others might find the perfect bite to hit both that sweet and tart element.

SweeTARTS Gummy Splitz
SweeTARTS Gummy Splitz, photo provided by SweeTARTS /

The SweeTARTS Gummy Fruity Splitz comes in six flavors, Blue Punch, Cherry, Grape, Orange, Lemon and Apple. Looking at this list, apple is not necessarily the most common candy flavor but it should highlight the contrast. Plus, all the flavors pair well together. No one will be picking through the mix to avoid that least favorable combination.

What other candy is joining the SweeTARTS Gummy Fruity Splitz in stores?

Another fun sweet and sour candy is hitting store shelves. The new Sour Duo Crawlers from Trolli continue that awesomely weird food story. While Trolli has other dual flavor in its line-up, this one combined two textures for even more eating enjoyment.

It will be interesting to see how the two different texture highlight the flavors. Sometimes one version can bring a little more punch. Could that chewy offering be just a hint more sour? It might just be personal preference.

Trolli Sour Duo Crawlers
Trolli Sour Duo Crawlers, photo provided by Trolli /

The offering has three tropical flavors, Mango Pineapple, Citrus Watermelon and Strawberry Guava. The Strawberry Guava is the most exciting of the flavors. It is nice to see guava, which is often used in non-U.S. candies, star billing.

These new candy offerings will be available in stores soon. Check with retailers and online for more information.