Three new Mars ice cream flavors make every day sweeter

Mars adds three new ice cream flavors to its lineup, photo provided by Mars
Mars adds three new ice cream flavors to its lineup, photo provided by Mars /

Choosing one dessert or treat over another should not overshadow that sweet happiness. In some cases, the perfect bite is one that combines all these food choices together. The three new Mars ice cream flavors have an option for every craving. Isn’t it time to unwrap a little happiness in the day?

While some people think that healthy eating comes with a list of restrictions or specialized plans, the reality is that anything and everything should be on the table when it comes to a balanced lifestyle. That scoop of sweetness can be the simple joy to make a dreary day seem brighter.

To kick off the year, Mars is launching three new ice cream flavors. Bringing together luscious ice cream with iconic candy flavors brings excitement to the freezer space.

As Jayesh Shah, Mars Ice Cream Marketing Director said, “We know that introducing new varieties and flavors of ice cream to fans can bring more moments of happiness, joy and togetherness, which is why we have paired our delicious Mars Ice Cream with some of our most iconic brands in the Mars portfolio like DOVE, M&M’S and TWIX. Our new offerings promise consumers a delicious at-home ice cream experience that can be enjoyed all year long.”

new Mars ice cream flavors
Mars adds three new ice cream flavors to its lineup, photo provided by Mars /

What are the new Mars ice cream flavors?

Joining the robust dessert offerings are M&M’s Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, DOVE Mini Sticks Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Almonds, and TWIX Cookie Dough Ice Cream. These ice cream offerings appeal to a wide range of consumers. From the adult who wants to capture that childlike fun to the person who longs to have a sweet mash-up, it is time to make some room in the freezer.

The M&M’S Cookies and cream Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches expand on a successful line. Without having to bake, this dessert is the ultimate choice for a cookie fan. While cookies and cream ice often tops the most popular list, this concept raises the bar. The contrast of textures with little M&M’S pieces studded throughout like treasures, it is fun to eat. After all, M&M’S brings the funkind to everyone.

For a more elevated flavor choice, the DOVE Mini Sticks Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Almonds might have more appeal to some adults. Leaning into the idea that satisfying that craving does not have to be served with negativity, these smaller treats satisfy in a big way. The combination of dark chocolate and almonds add richness while the vanilla brings a note of familiarity. Instead of passing on dessert, it is time to say yes to this perfectly sized bite.

Lastly, the TWIX Cookie Dough Ice Cream transforms the brand’s newest flavor into a frozen delight. In some ways, this ice cream offering is the one that people have been wanting for a long time. Bringing together cookie dough bites, chopped TWIX bars, caramel and vanilla ice cream, it is a stuffed spoonful. Although people can debate right or left TWIX, there is only one answer with this dessert. Grab a spoon and try not to eat the whole pint in a single sitting.

These new Mars ice cream flavors will be available at various retailers. While some stores may have items stocked, a larger rollout will begin in March.