TWIX Cookie Dough is the ultimate nostalgic candy mashup

TWIX Cookie Dough, photo provided by TWIX
TWIX Cookie Dough, photo provided by TWIX /

While people will always debate the right versus left TWIX, there is something universally loved about the combination of a crunchy cookie, luscious caramel and creamy chocolate. With the new Twix Cookie Dough, the new flavor combination will have everyone swooning for another bite.

Whether it is called newstalgia or just a love of an iconic flavor, food trends have leaned towards blending classic cravings together to create a single taste sensation. Instead of making people choose candy or a cookie, bringing the two flavors together makes a more satisfying treat.

With the new TWIX Cookie Dough, Mars has captured that concept in a delicious way. The classic TWIX cookie bars are nestled by a creamy cookie dough flavored layer. With additional chocolate cookie bits, the added crunch satisfies. And, with the entire candy coated with milk chocolate, it is sweet and sensational.

As Michelle Deignan, Mars Wrigley Senior Brand Director said, “TWIX Cookie Dough is the perfect mashup of two fan favorites – our classic TWIX bar and the nostalgic flavors of cookie dough – all wrapped into one. We’re looking forward to making superfans happy with an exclusive first taste now, in celebration of National Cookie Dough Day, and then to sharing TWIX Cookie Dough with all fans when it hits shelves later this year.”

Although the newest Mars candy innovation won’t hit store shelves until December 2022, some lucky candy fans will get a special first taste. On June 21, 2022, the first 1,000 fans to sign up will get an exclusive first taste via The celebration for National Cookie Day just got even sweeter.

TWIX has launched other flavor combinations previously. The Salted Carmel and Cookies and Cream have proven to be quite popular with candy fans. Looking at the newest flavor innovation, it continues that evolution of the classic candy. While the caramel is always a tasty choice, changing one of the layers adds another layer of excitement.

While the newest flavor innovation won’t hit store shelves till December 2022, it raises the question will Mars continue to evolve TWIX with other flavors. Beyond salted caramel, Cookies and Cream, and Cookie Dough, what could that next flavor be? Although fruit forward option might not be a popular choice, a chocolate option or even peanut butter choice would be a welcome return to the candy aisle.

What do you think of the new TWIX Cookie Dough candy? Will you try to be one of the first 1,000 people to get that taste on National Cookie Dough Day?