Simply Mixology shakes up a simple yet flavorful beverage conversation

Simply Mixology, photo provided by Simply Beverages
Simply Mixology, photo provided by Simply Beverages /

From mocktails to cocktails, flavorful beverages need to fill the glass. While some professional bartenders know secret tricks to the trade, others might need a little assistance with that cocktail shaker. With the new Simply Mixology, it is time to toast to a satisfying sipper.

Beverage trends have shown that drinkers want more sophisticated flavors. While there is a time and place for a simple tonic, the bland, boring mixer may not excite people. Although there are plenty of bottles lining the shelf, not all the beverages are equal.

At the same time, simplicity is often a priority. Many people want to grab a container, pour, shake, and enjoy. Freshly squeezed juices or complicated tinctures are for the elevated cocktail bar, not necessarily the home. More and more companies are offering pre-made beverages that can elevate both the mocktail and the cocktails in the glass. The new Simply Mixology is waiting to be poured.

Simply Mixology
Simply Mixology, photo provided by Simply Beverages /

What are the new Simply Mixology flavors?

After its innovative mimosa offering at the end of last year, Simply Mixology is ready to kick off the New Year with big, bold flavor. Although the classic Simply beverages have been used in a variety of mocktails and cocktails, these offering turn some mixer flavors into a more nuanced offering. The three flavors are Lime Margarita, Peach Sour, and Strawberry Guava Mojito.

Looking at the three Simply beverages, the Strawberry Guava Mojito is the most innovative offering. The brightness of the mint contrasted with the sweetness of the strawberry and guava is quite refreshing.

Plus, this beverage works well with a variety of accompaniments. While a traditional mojito uses rum, this flavor would be delightful with tequila, vodka, or even gin. At the same time, it would work well with a ginger beer or even just some sparkling water.

The Peach Sour is slightly surprising since it has a hint of warm spices. The juiciness of the peach with a touch of sour for balance brings a downhome simplicity to the glass. Consider pairing this beverage with a favorite bourbon or whiskey.

Lastly, the Lime Margarita is a classic. Why not amp up the flavor with a little spicy Tajin rim or even a little sliced jalapeno garnish. The well-known flavor can be used in many ways.

The Simply Mixology is available starting January 23 at various retailers. A 52 oz bottle has a suggested retail price of $3.99.