BODYARMOR launches a Cherry Lime flavor and a partnership with Operation Homefront

BODYARMOR adds new Cherry Lime flavor, photo provided by BODYARMOR
BODYARMOR adds new Cherry Lime flavor, photo provided by BODYARMOR /

As the label on the bottle states, BODYARMOR provides superior hydration. While there are plenty of sports beverages on the shelf, this brand looks to set itself apart from the crowd. With the new Cherry Lime flavor, the taste is just one reason to grab a bottle. The other one has a positive impact within community.

Within the food and beverage industry, companies are learning that consumers want to align with brands that share their mindset. From supporting certain charitable organizations to being a conscious consumer, there are plenty of reasons to choose one brand over another. Although taste or flavor will always be a priority, the sentiment behind the brand is a close second.

With the new BODYARMOR Cherry Lime flavor, the latest hydration beverage is more than just another refreshing sip. It continues the brand’s Dream Bigger initiative and supports Operation Homefront. The camouflage label design is not meant to blend in with all the others, it is meant to capture the eye and make consumers look twice.

According to Federico Muyshondt, CEO of BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition, “As part of our DREAM BIGGER Initiative, BODYARMOR is committed to giving back to our local communities and inspiring the next generation through meaningful initiatives such as honoring our military. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Operation Homefront, so we can continue to make a positive impact and provide access and opportunity to those who put their lives on the line to make this country great.”

Through this partnership, BODYARMOR will donate $500,000 to the organization. In addition, the collaboration will be featured on various activations.

BODYARMOR Cherry Lime supports Operation Homefrton
BODYARMOR adds new Cherry Lime flavor, photo provided by BODYARMOR /

While the charitable aspect is important, many people will want to taste the newest BODYARMOR flavor. Adding cherry lime is a smart choice for the sports hydration brand because it fills a gap in the line-up. The flavor hints the perfect balance between a slight sweetness and a touch tart. Always refreshing, it is easy to finish a bottle and reap the benefits from being well hydrated.

The BODYARMOR Cherry Lime flavor benefiting Operation Homefront is in stores now. Check with local retailers for availability.