Jessie James Decker scores big on game day with flavorful Heluva Good Dips, interview

Jessie James Decker for Heluva Good Dips, photo provided by Diana King/Heluva Good Dips
Jessie James Decker for Heluva Good Dips, photo provided by Diana King/Heluva Good Dips /

For Jessie James Decker, game day is a flavorful combination of tasty food bites and cheering the big play on the field. From kickoff to raising the trophy after the Big Game, all the excitement can create a hungry family. Luckily, with the help of Heluva Good Dips, Decker has it all covered. Ready to fill the table with a tempting aroma that has to be satisfied?

Whether it is the Big Game or just a regular game day, Heluva Good Dips has become a favorite around the table. From the simple pairing with a bag of potato chips to dipping a spicy chicken wing, there is a flavor option for everyone.

Taking those favorite flavors a little outside of the bowl, this year, Heluva Good Dips created the Game Day Candle Collection. A flight of snacking scents, these candles capture the aromas of those favorite dips.

From Buffalo Wing to French Onion, these candles can set the stage for the food spread waiting to be enjoyed. Although the Game Day Candle Collection is only available via a limited time giveaway, many people will be craving a chance to win them.

To build excitement over the Game Day Candle Collection as well as the countdown to this year’s Big Game, Heluva Good Dips partnered with Jessie James Decker to share some of her family’s game day traditions. The popular entertainer often serves some of the popular dips during her game watching parties.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Decker about this partnership. For her, the Heluva Good Dips make for easy entertaining. From the creamy texture to the bold flavors, they offer the versatility that works well for her family.

Jessie James Decker for Heluva Good Dips
Jessie James Decker for Heluva Good Dips, photo provided by Diana King/Heluva Good Dips /

With the Big Game countdown on, Decker mentioned that her planning is rather quick. Specifically, she plans her menu the day beforehand. In some ways, that concept keeps the planning from becoming stressful.

When it comes to a Big Game party theme, Decker said, “I just think you make it football themed, but I think it’s fun to have themed cocktails for the teams. Maybe like two different cocktails with the names of the teams.” Luckily, there are plenty of Big Game cocktails that can pair with any of the Heluva Good Dips flavors.

Since some people look at the Big Game as a time to indulge a little more, Decker said “I go all in, YOLO for game days.” As she plans that menu, it is about both the snacks and a halftime meal.

Decker shared “I like to have a lot of snacks before, and I like to have a main meal. So a chili, chicken wings as the main course. But for a pregame, as you call it a pregame snack, charcuterie boards, Heluva Good! dips, chips, meatball, appetizers, pigs in a blanket, that kind of thing.”

For her family, she mentioned that “I always have chili and I always have chicken wings and I always have meatballs.” While those items might be staples, she had some simple advice for parents who might have some picker younger eaters. Although she said that she is lucky because her kids eat everything, she did recommend “don’t let them say no at dinner time, just make them eat whatever you’ve made.” And, she believes that Heluva Good Dips are a great option for kids, because all you have to do is pop the top off.”

While there is no shortage of great tasting food during the Big Game, Decker mentioned that her husband can get a little animated during the actions. She said that she enjoys “watching my husband yell at the TV when they can’t hear him at all.”

Still, like many other people, Decker is a fan of the other parts of the Big Game. She shared, “I like watching the commercials because they’re usually pretty amazing. We definitely all sit and we watch the anthem. I get excited to watch that because that’s a dream of mine and then we watch the halftime show, everyone gets hyped.”

While the Big Game is on the horizon, there appears to be many more great things ahead for Jessie James Decker. She said, “I would love to put out new music for sure. I’m going to be putting out a record and I have a few projects up my sleeve and I also have a new cookbook coming out this fall.”

Whether the special Heluva Good Game Day Collection Candles set the mood or one of the dips add some flavor to the Big Game spread, there are plenty of reasons to fill the table with these classic dips. Isn’t it time to open a container for yourself?