Snack Pack rolls out four new flavors that transform the family favorite treat

New Snack Pack flavors include Fruity PEBBLES, photo provided by Snack Pack
New Snack Pack flavors include Fruity PEBBLES, photo provided by Snack Pack /

Whether it is a lunch box dessert or any treat, that classic Snack Pack is always a favorite. Some people will always grab chocolate or others appreciate the classic vanilla because those traditional flavors will always have a place. As brands look to fun flavors, Conagra Brands has launched four new flavors that will be a spoonful favorite pudding.

Over the years, Snack Pack has added a variety of flavors to its line. From capturing the colorful unicorn trend to a rich brownie caramel swirl offering, there have been numerous transformations of the real milk made treats. Each new flavor adds another spoonful of excitement to the conversation.

With the four new Snack Pack flavors, the Conagra Brands looks to scoop some fun by incorporating popular brands as well as nostalgic treats. Whether consumers pick based on flavor, color, or just curiosity, many people will want to try these offerings.

Building on the other Cinnabon flavored offerings, there is a new Cinnabon Snack Pack. Featuring two layers, it can be almost a choose your own adventure eating experience. Whether people eat the cream cheese frosting layer pudding on its own or swirled with Cinnabon cinnamon roll pudding, it is a sweet taste.

Thinking about this offering, it would be even tastier with some butter cookies or even just a cookie crumble. Or, for those who like nuts, some pecans would be a traditional cinnamon roll flavor combination.

While the Cinnabon flavor might be a favorite breakfast food, the Snack Pack Fruity PEBBLES will have all ages cheering Yabba Dabba Doo for this colorful flavor. The officially licensed offering transforms the cereal into a pudding. In yellow and blue, the puddings are a creamier version of cereal milk. And, why not add some Fruity PEBBLES as a topping.

Building on the nostalgic trend, the new Ice Cream Sandwich flavor is all about the cocoa. This pudding features three types of premium, imported cocoa. Even though the pudding cup is small, the spoonful is rich and indulgent. For an even more indulgent treat, consider layering this pudding in between to pieces of chocolate cake for a decadent treat.

Lastly, the Starburst All Pink Juicy Gels is the pretty colored treat that can celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. Capturing the classic strawberry Starburst flavor, the pudding is not just for Wednesdays. There is always a reason to enjoy another spoonful.

The new Snack Pack flavors will be available at various retailers. Check with stores for availability and pricing.