Jeff Ross gets extra salty with his Planters Super Bowl roast, interview

Planters Super Bowl Roast with Jeff Ross, photo provided by Planters
Planters Super Bowl Roast with Jeff Ross, photo provided by Planters /

When people think of some of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials, the humor is the focal point. Whether it is a big belly laugh or a joke that hits later in the night, it is that reaction which makes people remember, and talk about, those few fleeting seconds. This year, Jeff Ross, the Roaster Master General, is perfecting his salty barb with a Planters Super Bowl roast.

Recently, Planters shared a clip for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial featuring Mr. Peanut and Jeff Ross. While Mr. Peanut has had both highs and lows during his big game moment, this particular might get a little salty. Luckily, the infamous food character does not crack under the pressure.

Check out the Planters Super Bowl roast commercial featuring Jeff Ross.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Jeff Ross regarding the Planters Super Bowl roast commercial, the art of roasting, and why we all need a good laugh. Given that Ross has roasted many famous people over the years, he believes that Mr. Peanut will make for a great character to throw a few witty barbs at.

Specifically, Jeff said, “given that Mr. Peanut is 106, that age makes him a great target. The jokes bounce off you.”

Given the age factor, there can be a lot of material, but another aspect is key to any great roast. Jeff said, “the thing that is really important when you are roasting is a particular person is that they are willing to laugh at themselves and be in on the joke in a way. I always tell people that if you’re having fun, everyone will have fun. If you’re laughing, they will be laughing, too.”

As Jeff prepares for this Super Bowl roasting, he mentioned that he uses a method that he created, “method roasting” which he describes as similar to “method acting.” For Mr. Peanut, Jeff said that he was going to do a deep dive, to the Wikipedia page, the Planters website, watch all the commercial, understand all the history. If it was written about him, Jeff will know.

Specifically, Jeff said that he roasts people has a friend, not just as fan. He becomes an expert in that person and that is what makes the roasting event so memorable.

With this opportunity to join the Super Bowl commercial infamy, Jeff said that it is “pretty cool” Since he loves sports and has been to the Super Bowl, he appreciates the spectacle around it. From the halftime show to the hype, it is the whole package.

But, he was a little dismayed when he first got the call. Jeff mentioned that he thought that Mr. Peanut had died a few years ago. While that Planters Super Bowl commercial was memorable, this year’s offering might top it.

Planters Super Bowl roast with Jeff Ross
Planters Super Bowl Roast with Jeff Ross, photo provided by Planters /

Although Jeff is looking forward to the big event, it is the preparation that gets him excited. While he may not have a favorite roast, he remembers the best parts of it. From the joke that hits well to what he was wearing, all of those elements make the event special. In honor of Mr. Peanut, Jeff mentioned he might wear a top hat and monocle for the Super Bowl.

While the Super Bowl brings some lighthearted moments, Jeff believes that laughter can be more than just levity. When asked, Jeff shared the following, “I’ve been on the road all last year, and going into this year. The clubs and the theaters are packed. I think it’s because comedy or laughing is sort of a mental health protector. It guards you from the darkness of the world and it keeps you light, it keeps you smiling and it’s really healthy. It’s my mission in life to make people feel better and for some reason, people are laughing harder than they ever have. I mean that, sincerely.”

This Super Bowl Sunday, fill a bowl of Planters peanuts, watch Jeff Ross roast Mr. Peanut, and enjoy a few laughs. After all the Planters Super Bowl roast might be the salty and sweet combination that football fans will be craving again on Monday morning.