Blue Apron seared scallops meal sets the table for luxurious romance

Blue Apron seared scallops for Valentine's Day, photo provided by Blue Apron
Blue Apron seared scallops for Valentine's Day, photo provided by Blue Apron /

Whether it is Valentine’s Day, a special dinner, or the desire for romance, certain foods can spark that mood even before the first bite is savored. Although some food television chefs make cooking that meal look easy, many home cooks prefer to have a guiding hand along the way. With the Blue Apron seared scallops meal, a delicious dinner that anyone can master is waiting.

While fans of Hell’s Kitchen might salivate over those scallops appetizers, watching the professional chefs hear the rebuke from Gordon Ramsay makes it seems that this mollusk is difficult to master. Although there needs to be care to perfect sear, any cook can produce a delicious scallops meal. It just takes good guidance.

With Blue Apron, the brand has helped many home cooks master a wide variety of recipes. The step-by-step instructions and prepped food take the guess work out of recipes. It puts all the brand’s knowledge and experience into a manageable format.

For Valentine’s Day, the Blue Apron seared scallops meal is a delightful choice for that special dinner. Paired with a fresh tomato sauce, crispy garlic bread, and asparagus, it is a complete meal that could make a special someone swoon.

Although some home cooks might shy away from cooking scallops, Blue Apron wants to give them the confidence to master this meal. As a brand spokesperson said, “Scallops are fairly luxurious and while they can be challenging to prepare, Blue Apron guides you each step of the way. There is no better way to show someone you love them than by putting in a little extra effort to make a delicious meal outside of your comfort zone!”

Blue Apron seared scallops
Blue Apron seared scallops for Valentine’s Day, photo provided by Blue Apron /

Thinking about this meal, it is full of aphrodisiac foods. Scallops, asparagus, and garlic are all considered aphrodisiac food. So, the plate sets a romantic tone.

Plus, showing that special someone that they are worth the extra cooking effort can always pay off in the romance department. Since food can express emotion when words are difficult to say, this meal could be the ultimate I love you.

Lastly, Blue Apron has a variety of additional items to round out the meal. While the charcuterie board is a great option, do not snooze on the caramel macchiato pie for dessert. The special pie is paired with an Espresso Pastry Cream. Whether paired with the last pour of sparkling wine, espresso martini, or other after-dinner beverage, it is the sweet ending to a luxurious meal.

The Blue Apron seared scallops meal will be delivered the week of February 13. To receive the meal by Valentine’s Day, it is best to order by February 8.