Malibu Peach shakes up summer vibes any time of the year

Malibu Peach shakes up summer vibes, photo provided by Malibu Peach
Malibu Peach shakes up summer vibes, photo provided by Malibu Peach /

Sometimes a simple sip can turn a winter chill into a summer breeze. While some people might dream of toes in the sand, that epic getaway may not be in the cards. Luckily, some summer vibes can be shaken up in a cocktail glass. Ready to enjoy some Malibu Peach?

Whether it is a cola with a splash of Malibu or a tropical cocktail with a little umbrella. Malibu Caribbean Rum with Coconut Liqueur has long been associated with that feeling of escapism, island life, or just positive vibes. From its distinctive aroma to the flavor, it is like a burst of sunshine to brighten any day.

In a recent company announcement, the liquor brand has added Malibu Peach to its line. Currently, the brand offers Malibu Watermelon, Malibu Pineapple and Malibu Strawberry, as well as the original version. Similar to other spirits, flavored varieties have become popular with consumers. Whether drunk simply or mixed into a cocktail, the robust line ensures that everyone has a choice that fills a need.

As Devaunshi Mahadevia, Brand Director of Marketing, Malibu, said, “Malibu is all about the ‘Do Whatever Tastes Good’ mindset, no matter the time of year, so what better way to bring the summer vibes than with Malibu Peach. With peach being a top five summer flavor, we’re excited to introduce this innovation to the Malibu portfolio and to consumers just in time for the warmer months.”

Thinking about the peach flavor, it can often be associated with Southern food. Whether it is peach cobbler or paired with a bourbon, the juicy stone fruit has a sweetness that satisfies. There is a succulent aspect to the fruit. It has been used in barbecue sauces for savory applications and can even be included in a salsa for a spicier taste. Overall, there is versatility.

Adding peach to the tropical rum is an interesting choice. Even though peach is a top summer flavor, it is not often found in the cocktail glass. After a trend toward tropical flavors, it is nice to see almost a nostalgic twist to a flavor. In some ways, it is more of a lake beach versus an island beach vibe.

Malibu Peach
Malibu Peach shakes up summer vibes, photo provided by Malibu Peach /

Malibu recommends trying a Malibu Peach Rum Punch to appreciate the new flavor.


  • 2 parts Malibu Peach
  • 4 parts Orange Juice
  • ½ part Lime Juice
  • Peach Wedge for garnish
  • As an option, you can add a splash of grenadine for a fun pop of color

While this cocktail highlights the peach flavor, another tasty choice would be a take on an iced tea. Peach and tea work well together. Plus, consider garnishing with some fresh mint for a pop of brightness.

Or, another idea could be a peach infused take on a mojito. That extra punch of juicy sweetness could be a lovely contrast to the refreshing mint.

The new Malibu Peach is available at various retailers. In addition, the brand offers Malibu Peach Rum Punch Cocktails in a Can.