Royal Caribbean’s Mason Jar celebrates the flavors and spirit of Southern hospitality

Gumbo from Royal Caribbean's Mason Jar, photo by Cristine Struble
Gumbo from Royal Caribbean's Mason Jar, photo by Cristine Struble /

When guests step on to Wonder of the Seas from Royal Carribean, it is more than just the allure of a massive structure that floats on water. While guests can stroll from neighborhood to neighborhood, the newest restaurant to join the conversation has an open seat at the table and many people may want to linger a little longer to savor the experience. Royal Caribbean’s Mason Jar on Wonder of the Seas captures Southern hospitality in the most flavorful way.

Food and restaurant trends can sometimes influence the dining options on cruise ships. Although some guests want extravagant, unique dining options, one sentiment seems to guide every food offering. The table needs to capture the diner’s attention and leave them wanting more.

Throughout the food world, nostalgia has seemed to season food trends. From popular brands on store shelves to menu enhancements, that taste of familiar yet with a slight twist satisfies a craving. More importantly, it leaves people hungry for more.

Royal Caribbean's Mason Jar bourbon cocktail
Specialty bourbon cocktail features a peanut butter and jelly sandwich garnish at Mason Jar on Wonder of the Seas, photo by Cristine Struble /

Royal Caribbean’s Mason Jar offers a welcoming table

Whether it is the sunshine shining on the table or the country music playing in the background, the empty seat sets an expectation to this dining experience. Even though this vibe is more like a Southern grandma’s home, the hospitality sentiment is universal. When great food and spirited conversation match in harmony, it is a win for everyone.

Although the Royal Caribbean brand appreciates the concept of eater-tainment, Mason Jar is far from kitschy. The authenticity, from the décor on the wall to the serving plates, captures the intention. Without those elements, the food would not taste as flavorful.

Even before guests place a food order, the cocktails set the tone. A robust bourbon menu, the cocktails are playful. From the peanut butter and jelly sandwich garnish to cocktails served in mason jars, guests are compelled to put their cares aside and enjoy the moment. Of course, the photo must be taken for posterity, but these cocktails set the tone, help to loosen the lips, and get the conversation flowing.

What can guest expect from the food at Royal Caribbean’s Mason Jar?

The menu at Royal Caribbean’s Mason Jar celebrates the variety of Southern food. From New Orleans creole to ribs to even pimento cheese, the food choices prove that Southern food cannot be pigeonholed into one region. While all the flavors are unique, one element unites them all. They tell a story on a plate.

Cinnamon Roll served on the Brunch Menu at Mason Jar on Royal Carribean Wonder of the Sea
Cinnamon Roll served on the Brunch Menu at Mason Jar on Royal Carribean Wonder of the Seas, photo by Cristine Struble /

Since there is that grandma’s house vibe to the Mason Jar restaurant, one word of caution when enjoying a meal. The portion sizes are substantial. If anyone has ever had a loved one offer a bigger serving, a second helping, or the encouragement to clean the plate, these menu items capture that concept. These serving sizes are far from dainty. That choice was intentional. Even if a diner may not finish every morsel, they will always leave feeling satisfied. It might not be a traditional hug, but it is full feeling that will linger long after leaving the table.

When planning a meal at Mason Jar, it is best to come hungry, and maybe with a companion who has a hearty appetite. Although diner’s eyes might be bigger than their stomachs, it can hard to resist ordering extra. Even though food waste is not a great idea, it can be hard to wipe these plates clean.

For anyone who is traveling on Wonder of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s Mason Jar should be added to the dining experience. And, if those stretchy pants are available, it might be worth two visits to enjoy a taste of all the offerings, especially a brunch, which is unique to this restaurant on sea days.

Just like grandma’s house, this meal is about saying yes and enjoying the moment. The chair is pulled out and waiting for everyone to take a seat. The Mason Jar experience is one that feels like home, no matter where people are throughout the world.