Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza is the ultimate cheesy slice

Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza, photo provided by Papa Johns
Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza, photo provided by Papa Johns /

While some people can debate favorite pizza toppings, one thing that most people can agree on is that more cheese makes pizza tastier. Although there have been many a slice with copious amounts of cheese piled on top of that sauce, the Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza flips the script and pizza will never be the same.

Looking at recent Papa Johns innovations, they have put the focus back on better ingredients mantra. While the bowls took away the crust, the reality is that the fresh flavor is what this pizza brand looks to ensure it is a slice above the rest.

With the new Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza, it adds flavor to the crust. Instead of just being the vehicle for the toppings, now the crust has extra cheesy goodness.

As Kimberly Bean, VP of Menu Strategy & Calendar Planning said, “At Papa Johns, we pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation. For this product, we set our sights on one of the most fundamental pizza ingredients—cheese. We have taken cheese where we’ve never had it before—flipping the pizza over and putting it underneath the crust. In doing so, we are providing consumers with more ability to customize their pizza experience, while also enjoying a unique and surprising twist on a fan-favorite meal.”

Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza
Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza, photo provided by Papa Johns /

While many people will want a slice of this pizza because of the extra cheese, it is more than just turophile’s dream come true. Adding shredded parmesan-Romano cheeses to the crust creates a crisp texture. The extra cheese with the thin crust contrasts the other toppings. It is quite tasty.

Looking at the other most recent Papa Johns menu addition, the Papa Bites, it seems that the restaurant brand is about the textures. The smaller bites capture all the flavors in smaller form. It is crispy, creamy, and tasty.

Although there may or may not have other menu innovations coming in the near future, it appears that texture and eating enjoyment is a priority for Papa Johns. Could an innovative topping be next?

The new Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza, one tipping pizza is priced at $12.99. Papa Rewards members can order the new pizza starting on January 30 and other guests can order starting on February 2.