Hellmann’s brings Make Taste, Not Waste message to the Big Game

Hellmann's Big Game Commercial, Make Taste, Not Waste starring John Hamm, Brie Larson, and Pete Davidson, photo provided by Hellmann's
Hellmann's Big Game Commercial, Make Taste, Not Waste starring John Hamm, Brie Larson, and Pete Davidson, photo provided by Hellmann's /

As many people start to plan their Big Game menu, one concept might not be on the shopping list, food waste. According to Hellmann’s, Big Game Sunday is the second most wasteful food day in the U.S. This year, the humorous take on its Hamm and Brie commercial hopes to inspire people to take a second look at the food in the fridge.

Set to air during the second quarter of the Big Game, the Hellmann’s commercial is a fun play on words featuring three super stars. Check out the advertisement here.

Whether or not people are serving a “Hamm” and “Brie” Panini for the Big Game, the message goes beyond the humor in the skit. Hellmann’s wants to inspire people to use all that food in the fridge and not just let ingredients be just a single use item.

The idea of Mayo for Meals is going to be a nationwide campaign to raise awareness for food waste. Starting in Phoenix on February 10, the life-size jar of mayonnaise will start a cross-country tour. With stops at John Hamm’s hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, Mars Cheese Castle in Wisconsin, and Toast, North Carolina, these panini-inspired stops are meant to be fun and educational. Even though home cooks may not have that gigantic jar in their household, they can appreciate how mayonnaise can transform other foods into tasty recipes.

Hellmann's Mayo for Meals
Hellman’s Mayo for Meals travels across the U.S., photo provided by Hellmann’s /

Everyone can get into the Mayo for Meals conversation by posting on social media. Every photo shared on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok using #MayoForMeals will trigger Hellmann’s donations to Feeding America. In addition, each mile traveled by the giant mayonnaise jar will donate meals.

How to avoid Big Game food waste with Hellmann’s

Since Hellmann’s shares that the Big Game is the second most food waste day, a few creative food recipes can ensure food gets a new purpose. The condiment brand has long supported the concept of giving ingredients a second, or third use beyond that initial dish.

While the Big Game commercial is about a “Hamm and Brie Sandwich,” even those ingredients can get a second or third use. For example, instead of a sandwich, those ingredients can be repurposed into a garden salad. Or, it can be ingredients for an omelet for a hearty breakfast.

Plus, Hellmann’s mayonnaise can be in a variety of other recipes to help avoid food waste. For example, Disappearing Buffalo Chicken Dip is always a fan favorite. Who doesn’t love a great dip for the Big Game. More recipes can be found online.

While the excitement builds for the Big Game, do not let Monday leftovers spoil the celebration. Food waste shouldn’t be on the table and Mayo for Meals is ready to transform those leftovers.