Panera launches the ultimate Baguette accessory for its new menu item

Panera ultimate Baguette accessory, photo provided by Panera
Panera ultimate Baguette accessory, photo provided by Panera /

While it might not be a runway moment from New York Fashion Week, Panera has been inspired by the latest fashion trend. In honor of its new Toasted Baguettes, it has launched the ultimate Baguette accessory. What will you pair with this bag?

Available online, the BAGuette Bag is Panera’s new accessory that combines fashion and function. The vibrant green baguette style purse features the Panera logo, gold embellishments, and a removable strap. It captures the current “baguette” fashion trend.

While the pretty style and color can accessorize with a variety of options, it is the perfect size to hold a Toasted Baguette. Although, if this purse is used to hold food, it might be best to carry some extra napkins. After all, no one wants to make a mess inside of the purse.

According to Drayton Martin, VP of Brand Building, Panera Bread, “Our new Toasted Baguettes mark the first time that Panera has crafted a delicious sandwich in celebration of our iconic baguette – and this is certainly the first time we have created a purse. Both of these creations are amazing celebrations of not only our expertise in all things bread, but also the generous touches that make each Panera experience special.”

Panera ultimate Baguette accessory
Panera ultimate Baguette accessory, photo provided by Panera /

For those who want to add this ultimate Baguette accessory to their closet, it can be purchased online. It is priced at $39.50 and there are 500 purses available.

Looking at this latest offering from Panera, it continues the brand’s concept of thinking beyond the table. Previously, it has offered food and fashion items. Even though the unlimited sips programs have been a huge hit, the company appreciates that it wants to keep the name recognition front and center in someone’s mind. A little creativity can keep things fresh.

At the same time, this fashion accessory offering is meant to be a conversation piece. Even if someone does not see the Panera connection, it can bridge a gap. Just like other food fashion can bring people together, this purse could be a way to introduce someone to a new taste, like the Toasted Baguettes on the Panera menu.

What do you think of the Panera ultimate Baguette accessory? Do you think it is a must for the fashionista or the foodie?