Taco Bell Super Fans score the biggest Mexican Pizza for the Big Game

Biggest Mexican Pizza for the Big Game, photo provided by Taco Bell
Biggest Mexican Pizza for the Big Game, photo provided by Taco Bell /

While Taco Bell Super Fans cheered for the triumphant return of the Mexican Pizza, the iconic menu item is getting a huge upgrade for the Big Game. Although there has been plenty of excitement regarding the Ultimate GameDay Box shareable meal, a special offer for some select super fans will be “the” food spread for the February 12 event. Are people prepared for the biggest Mexican Pizza ever?

According to a recent Taco Bell announcement, the Big A** Mexican Pizza is “four times as big” as the traditional menu item. While the size is bigger, every bite captures that cheesy, crunchy, and saucy goodness that people crave. Whether super fans share a slice or keep the whole item for themselves remains to be seen.

As Sean Tresvant, Global Chief Brand Officer said, “At Taco Bell, the only brand we’re trying to top is ourselves. The return of the Mexican Pizza in 2022 was a massive success driven by our fans which is why we wanted to innovate on what they loved most and show up with an unexpected innovation that no one ever saw coming. Though we’re not officially participating in the big game this year, we’re ecstatic to give select fans in Glendale, AZ and nearby cities the ultimate Taco Bell experience to elevate their watch parties.”

Biggest Mexican Pizza for Taco Bell Super Fans
Taco Bell Super Fans score the biggest Mexican Pizza, photo provided by Taco Bell /

While many people would happily order a couple of the biggest Mexican Pizza offerings, it isn’t on the menu. According to the quick service restaurant, specially selected Taco Bell Fire! Tier Rewards Members were previously selected to receive this special item. It will arrive to those Glendale, Arizona lucky few on February 12 along with a Taco Bell swag kit full of items, including Crispy Chicken Wings, Taco Party Packs, Nachos Party Pack, Cinnamon Twists, Hot Sauce and the new Starry.

Taco Bell wants to give everyone a little Mexican Pizza love for the Big Game. On both February 11 and February 12, guests can receive a free regular-size Mexican Pizza with a $20 minimum order Taco Bell Delivery. Check with local restaurants for availability and participation.

When the Big Game rolls around, food gets supersized. Would you order the biggest Mexican Pizza if Taco Bell put it permanently on the menu?