What are the most popular last minute Valentine’s Day purchases?

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Whether it is the first holiday celebration together or another year in the books, February 14 deserves a special dinner, present, or other way to mark the occasion. Although some people dream of the over the top movie moment, that fantastical approach is only one way to celebrate the holiday. According to Instacart, the most popular last minute Valentine’s Day purchases might be expected choices and, luckily, they can be delivered when the clock is ticking.

Picking a Valentine’s Day gift does not necessarily need to be a difficult experience. While traditional gifts like candy, flowers, and wine might always be on the list, one rule of thumb should generally guide any purchase. The gift should be something the person wants. If someone hates roses, it might be time to pick another flower. Or, if someone has chosen to adapt a vegan-forward food plan, it might be time to be a little thoughtful about the chocolate box.

According to Instacart, the top five most popular last minute Valentine’s Day purchases are:

  • Chocolate candies
  • Fresh cut roses
  • Cupcakes
  • Balloons
  • Filet mignon

Looking at this list, it is clear that these last minute Valentine’s Day purchases are easy ideas that should make anyone smile for the holiday. From a pretty gift to a sweet gesture, the idea is to make someone special. Although a grand gesture might make a huge impression, any thought is always appreciated.

Since there are no excuses to arrive at the door empty handed, the Instacart Gifts Hub has everything covered for Valentine’s Day. Simply enter the giftee address and see all the available options. From flowers to wine to a sweet treat, there are a variety of options available.

The special delivery can be coordinated to arrive at a special location and/or time. Whether it is morning coffee at the office or a prepared dinner for two after dropping the kids at practice, there are plenty of ways to ensure that Valentine’s Day goes off without a hitch.

Also, the delivery can be made across the miles. Why not send grandma a special dessert even though her grandkids live a few states away. Instacart can make that happen. Plus, the app allows easy tracking to ensure that everything was delivered smoothly.

Whether it is last minute Valentine’s Day purchases or the convenience of delivery, Instacart is the simple solution to ensure that love is in the air. It might not necessarily be a scene from Hallmark, but it can be a happy moment to share.