Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu hits a high note with variety and value

Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu includes baby back ribs starter, photo by Cristine Struble
Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu includes baby back ribs starter, photo by Cristine Struble /

While some people might be hosting a big game party, others would prefer someone else cook the bountiful food spread. For those people close to a Hard Rock Café, there is an option that will satisfy both a small and big group. The Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu scores a win no matter the outcome on the field.

Enjoying a meal at a Hard Rock Café is more than just a juicy burger and an ice cold beer. From the memorabilia lining the walls to the music played in the background, the vibrant atmosphere adds to the overall enjoyment. While guests can debate which menu item is a favorite or preferred food and beverage pairings, the reality is that Hard Rock Café had an element of “eatertainment” long before that word became part of the vernacular.

As the Big Game approaches, many people are looking to make the event bigger than just a regular eating out experience. While the television will be playing all the action, the food is often the bigger draw for people who could care less if the offensive converts on a 3rd and 12 or the commercials reveal the next big food trend.

This year, the Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu has everything to satisfy a crowd hungry for classic football food. With options for two, three, and four servings, the combination of shareables ensure that everyone has a table full of delicious options.

During a recent visit, we were able to sample this year’s offerings. While our table of four seemed spacious at first, the generous helpings of shared dishes were consuming every inch. Luckily, everyone came famished and everyone was fully satisfied.

On this this year’s Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu, the options are Classic Nachos, Wings, Baby Back Ribs Starter, All-American Sliders, Buffalo Style Sliders, Tupelo Chicken Tenders, Onion Ring Tower and Cheese Fries. The prices are pick 2 for $25, 3 for $35, and 4 for $45. The value for all the food offerings is plentiful.

Nachos from Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu
Nachos from Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu, photo by Cristine Struble /

Since nachos are a classic football food, that gigantic plate should be a top choice. The cheese and beans are classic toppings, and the chips are well covered. The ingredient that sets these nachos apart is the pickled onion. That touch of tanginess mixed into the other flavors pops.

A surprise favorite at the table were the Tupelo Chicken Tenders. The in-house seasoned and breaded chicken is quite flavorful. With its signature spice blend, there is a touch of heat but nothing overpowering. In addition, the coating offers a lovely textural contrast to the moist chicken. Served with honey mustard and ranch, this shareable will score big points.

Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu include Tupelo Chicken Tenders and Baby Back Ribs starter
Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu include Tupelo Chicken Tenders and Baby Back Ribs starter, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Another winner on the menu is the Baby Back Ribs Starter. Although some people may avoid ordering ribs in a restaurant due to the mess factor, our boneless ribs were the delightful without the mess. The sweet, tangy sauce enhanced the overall flavor. No one minded a little sauce on their fingers with these ribs.

Also, the cheese fries are a great option for football watching. Smother with cheese and bacon, the flavors pair well with that light lager.

Lastly, any football gathering is not complete without a slider. The Hard Rock All American slider hits all the flavor notes. The richness of the brioche bun pairs well with the juicy burger. As the coleslaw adds some brightness to contrast all the flavors, it is well balanced, classic offering.

The Hard Rock Café Big Game Menu is only available during the Big Game. Although this concept is a limited time offer, it would make a great addition to next year’s football Sunday offerings.