GlenDronach Rob Roy and Rye Blondie bring the spark to a perfect pairing

GlenDronach Rob Roy and Rye Blondie, photo provided by GlenDronach
GlenDronach Rob Roy and Rye Blondie, photo provided by GlenDronach /

Food and beverage pairings come in all forms. While many people might long for the balance in flavor, others prefer a contrast that longs to be unraveled. Although each role has its place, sometimes placing off similar flavors on the dish and in the glass can lead to a memorable experience. The GlenDronach Rob Roy and Rye Blondie pairing will spark a reaction long after the plate and coupe is empty.

The classic Rob Roy cocktail has been enjoyed for numerous decades. While people can differ over the liquor used or the serving method, the reality is that great ingredients will always make this cocktail shine.

Using the GlenDronach adds a depth to the classic cocktail. Since the Scotch Whisky is finished in Spanish Oak Casks, the nuanced flavor has a tie to the luscious Sherry from the region. While the classic Scotch Whisky is never diminished, it has a touch of intrigue which adds to the appeal.

When creating its version of a Roy Rob, GlenDronach National Brand Ambassador Rory Glasgow used Filthy Black Cherry. The Amarena cherries have the depth to stand up to that 12 year old Scotch Whisky. The sweetness entices but does not overpower the true star, the GlenDronach.

GlenDronach Scotch Whisky and Ovenly Rye Blondie
GlenDronach Scotch Whisky and Ovenly Rye Blondie, photo provided by GlenDronach /

Although the GlenDronach Rob Roy has a touch of old school flare, its dessert pairing is innovative. Created by Chef Agatha Kulaga Co-Founder and baker extraordinaire of the award-winning bakery Ovenly, the Rye Blondie will turn heads even before the first bite is enjoyed.

Rye flour has a complexity, slightly hearty flavor. Given that a blondie has a slightly nutty flavor from brown butter, it is a lovely combination. Even though a traditional chocolate brownie might be rich and decadent, the blondie captivates and often lingers in the food memory far longer.

This Rye Blondie recipe from Chef Kulaga is full of flavors and textures. The same Filthy Black Cherry used in the cocktail is soaked in the GlenDronach and then folded into the batter. Although the cherries absorb that Scotch Whisky flavor, it is not an alcoholic dessert. It is just enough connection to entice another sip and bite.

From the chocolate chips to the Nigella Seed to just a touch of Maldon Salt, the flavor hits all the notes expected from the dessert yet keeps a little mystery as the bite finishes. Similar to the Rob Roy cocktail is both familiar yet special, it is that spark that keeps the food and beverage pairing in the forefront of the mind.

Whether it is a special occasion or just Sunday supper, a GlenDronach Rob Roy and Rye Blondie is the perfect end to any meal. Isn’t it time to sip and savor the experience?