Pepsi x Peeps soda is back and spring is even sweeter

Pepsi x Peeps soda returns for spring, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi x Peeps soda returns for spring, photo provided by Pepsi /

While some lucky people were able to sip the sweetness a few years ago, everyone will be hopping to crack open a can of this special beverage. Pepsi x Peeps soda is coming to stores. Ready to toast to that PEEPSONALITY?

Over the past several years, Pepsi has shown that its classic flavor can be transformed in many ways. From maple syrup to s’mores, there has been no shortage of creativity in that can. While people have come to appreciate that Pepsi goes with everything, the classic cola flavor can adapt, too. It keeps that beverage excitement bubbling.

When Pepsi x Peeps soda launched in 2021, many people could not wait to get that first sip. Although only a few got a taste, 3,000 fans to be exact, it added to the intrigue regarding this partnership.

Now, the special springtime sipper is coming to store shelves. It will be sold in 7.5 oz Pepsi mini-can multipacks and 20 oz. Bottles across the nation.

According to Katelyn Meola, Director – brand Pepsi, “The collaboration is truly unparalleled – a delicious and refreshing treat, celebrated by two loyal fanbases, that brings unapologetic enjoyment to Pepsi and PEEPS® lovers all over the country. Since only a few fans were able to get their hands on the coveted cans last time, we’re thrilled to give everyone across the country the chance to indulge in PEPSI® x PEEPS® this time around.”

Pepsi x Peeps soda available in stores
Pepsi x Peeps soda available in 20 oz bottle, photo provided by Pepsi /

Even though Peeps have become a year round treat, the candy is often associated with spring. Whether people choose the classic chicks, bunnies, or one of the specialty flavors, it seems that everyone has to enjoy at least one taste during the season.

As Peeps Brand Manager Caitlin Servian shared, “The PEEPS Brand is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring our delicious Marshmallow flavor to fans, and the partnership with Pepsi is truly a groundbreaking way for them to express their PEEPSONALITY®! After the astonishingly positive response from our fans to the first PEPSI x PEEPS collaboration, we are thrilled to bring back the offering just in time for spring.”

While many people will be thirsty for this first taste of the Pepsi x Peeps soda, it makes people question which Peeps dessert pairs perfectly with that beverage. Even though Peeps announced a new beverage inspired flavor this year, there are plenty of other desserts that will go well with this special springtime sipper.

For more information on where to find this limited time beverage offering, check with retailers or online.