Pancake Tacos are the ultimate way to celebrate Pancake Day and Taco Tuesday

When two food celebrations fall on the same day, it means that food mash-ups are part of the celebration. This year, National Pancake Day falls on Taco Tuesday. Ready to enjoy some Pancake Tacos? Time to place an order from The Pancake Kitchen by Cracker Barrel.

Many people head to Cracker Barrel for those classic pancakes. While the popular restaurant serves breakfast any time of the day, pancakes with a side of bacon or hashbrown casserole are often a popular order.

For those unfamiliar, The Pancake Kitchen by Cracker Barrel is an online ordering option that delivers the restaurant’s infamous pancakes to your door anytime of the day. Available via DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub, guests can choose from classic buttermilk pancakes, fruit options or even some new Pancake Tacos.

Pancake Tacos from The Pancake Kitch

Pancake Tacos from The Pancake Kitchen at Cracker Barrel, photo provided by Cracker Barrel

A new menu item, Pancake Tacos are just what people can imagine. That fluffy pancake is folded into a taco shape and filled with ingredients. The menu item is Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Pancake Tacos.

Cracker Barrel describes the menu item as “two grilled buttermilk pancakes each folded and filled with bacon, an over-hard fried egg and shredded Colby Cheese, served with a side of maple syrup for dipping.” For someone who cannot decide where to have sweet or savory, this option is both. It is hearty, yet not too gigantic.

To celebrate the new menu item, there are food delivery discounts. The discounts include: “DoorDash: $5 off $30, DashPass: Free Delivery ($20 minimum) for all customers, Uber Eats: $5 off $30 for all Eaters, and GrubHub: $5 off $30 for all diners.” These special discounts are available through February 28.

While everyone should order from the pancake experts at Cracker Barrel, you could borrow this idea and make some at home. Why can’t a pancake be folded into a taco? Whether filled with Nutella and fruit for a sweet option or maybe some sausage and eggs for another savory take, the options are many. It could be the new Taco Tuesday meal that everyone will want.

How are you celebrating National Pancake Day? Will you try some Pancake Tacos?