Impossible Foods expands its chicken line with three new products

Impossible Foods adds three more chicken products, photo provided by Impossible Foods
Impossible Foods adds three more chicken products, photo provided by Impossible Foods /

While the chicken sandwich wars filled the quick service restaurant conversation, the plant-based food market continues to expand the category. Since many people enjoy the robust selection at various restaurants, Impossible Foods is ready to bring many of those choices directly to the consumer. With three new chicken products, the popular plant-based food company believes this trio of options will satisfy many people’s cravings.

In many households, chicken nuggets have been a staple. Whether it is an easy dinner for the kids or a quick bite that can be transformed in a variety of ways, many people might even consider it a comfort food.

At the same time, more people are looking to plant-based food alternatives. It does not mean that the classic taste and texture has to be pushed aside. According to Impossible Foods, its Chicken Nuggets served in restaurants have met consumers’ expectations with high rankings in flavor, texture, and appearance. Although it does not have to be a blind swap, tasting is believing.

The three new products expand on that success. As Sherene Jagla, Chief Demand Officer at Impossible Foods said, “Our chicken products caught on fast with consumers, and they’ve served as a successful entry-point to our brand. In retail, our original nuggets are leading the plant-based chicken category in dollar sales, and in food service, consumers prefer them to animal chicken nuggets. We’re excited to expand on the platform’s success, and we expect this category to continue to be valuable for our brand.”

Impossible Foods new chicken products
Impossible Foods adds three more chicken products, photo provided by Impossible Foods /

What are the Impossible Foods three new products?

In a recent company statement, the three new Impossible Foods chicken products are: Impossible Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Impossible Spicy Chicken Patties, and Impossible Chicken Tenders. Looking at the list, it seems that spicy is the flavor that people are craving. Even if they want more plants in their lifestyle, no one wants that choice to be bland or boring.

Although it is unclear how “spicy” these plant-based chicken offerings are, the additional seasoning can make eating more enjoyable. Instead of piling the flavor on top of the food, it is built into the bite. But, one word of caution. Like pre-seasoned foods, the choices could require some modifications in other dishes. After all, everyone wants a well-balanced dish.

While the spicy options will have a built-in customer base, the chicken strips could be the bigger seller. Given that the shape allows the food product to work well in more recipes, there are many uses. From wraps and sandwiches to salads and pastas, the options are many.

The Impossible Foods new chicken products are available at select retailers with more locations rolling out soon. The products can be found in the freezer aisle.