New Mini Babybel Monterey Jack Cheese gives fans the flavor they crave

New Mini Babybel Monterey Jack Cheese, photo provided by Babybel
New Mini Babybel Monterey Jack Cheese, photo provided by Babybel /

Peeling back that red wax seal is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whether first introduced to that Babybel as child or discovering that treat at an older age, this cheese bites always satisfy. Since the brand appreciates that its line is ready to evolve, it has added its first new flavor since 2014. Ready for a taste of Mini Babybel Monterey Jack Cheese?

Considered the perfectly portioned snack, Babybel appeals to both adults and kids. Even if parents choose to purchase the Babybel for their kids, they are happy to peel open one of those cheeses when the craving hits.

Over the past year, the brand has expanded its offerings. While the addition of a plant-based choice added a whole new audience, the classic offerings are a focus, too. The new Mini Babybel Monterey Jack Cheese fills a gap in the brand’s line.

As Melanie Nemoy, Brand Director at Babybel said, “The adults and families who love Babybel products are our number one priority, and as their needs change, so do we by evolving our portfolio offerings/ Consumers are at the heart of our business decisions, particularly when it comes to new product varieties or reformulations. We sought out their feedback to bring forward Monterey Jack and to improve the Mozzarella that you can try on shelves shelf today.”

Babybel Monterey Jack Cheese
New Mini Babybel Monterey Jack Cheese, photo provided by Babybel /

First, the new Monterey Jack Cheese is a mild, creamy offering from the brand. Although there is a slight sweetness to the cheese, it is approachable to a wide audience. The creamy texture is one of the reasons why people reach for the Babybel cheeses. Coupled with the 4g protein, it makes for a great snack or even a side-dish to a bigger meal.

In addition to the new flavor offering, Babybel has reformulated the Mini Babybel Mozzarella. The new recipe focuses on a traditional mozzarella flavor and creamy texture. Although many people think of mozzarella as a pizza topping or a pairing with tomatoes, the cheese easily pairs with many foods. As another versatile option, it could be that cheese that goes from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

Although parents might not admit that they are longing to play with their food, the Mini Babybel offerings invite people to see how the cheese pairs with other foods. From the simple cracker to a variety of vegetables to even a fruit, the options are many. It might not always be the star of a cheese board, but it has earned its spot on that plate.

The new Babybel offerings can be found at various retailers. Check with stores for availability and pricing.