Liquid Death Iced Tea is the flavorful, irreverent beverage that fans want

New Liquid Death Iced Tea, photo provided by Liquid Death
New Liquid Death Iced Tea, photo provided by Liquid Death /

As many people have come to appreciate, cracking open a can of Liquid Death is more than just quenching a thirst. It is about making a statement to everyone around. There are plenty of beverages on the shelf, but this brand appreciates taking a different approach. From its packaging to its names, these cans will never be put in a corner. With the new Liquid Death Iced Tea, its version of the classic refreshment is far different from what grandma drinks.

Many beverage brands appreciate that their lines need to be more than just one note. Although there is something to be said about staying in a particular lane, the variety under a single umbrella is important. When a consumer trusts a brand, they are more willing to try a new offering.

Looking at Liquid Death, the brand appeals to both those with discerning tastes as well as a type of consumer. As the third most followed beverage brand on social media, that slight irreverence plays into making a community willing to make the effort to drink that tall boy can.

With the brand’s new Iced Teas, it takes that attitude up another notch. As seen in the launch video, their iced tea is not what grandma drinks.

What are the Liquid Death Iced Tea flavors?

The three new Liquid Death Iced Tea flavors are Grim Leafer, Armless Palmer, and Rest In Peach. The clever word play adds to the drinking experience. These options are not for that 19th hole, stuffy country club type. They are bold, refreshing, and waiting for everyone to take notice.

Liquid Death Iced Tea
New Liquid Death Iced Tea, photo provided by Liquid Death /

The Armless Palmer is that perfectly balanced combination of black tea and lemonade. It is bright, refreshing and far from simplistic.

In contrast, the Rest in Peach combines peach, pear and apricot. The combination of stone fruits with the black tea is a touch sweet but not overpowering. For anyone who likes a little fruit in their tea, this option will be their preferred choice.

Lastly, the Grim Leafer a warm, comforting flavor. The Earl Grey style tea is flavored with bergamot orange. While Earl Grey can sometimes feel stuffy, this version is full of vibrancy. The orange is inviting yet not overpowering. Consider pairing this iced tea with some citrus infused ice cubes for the ultimate drinking experience.

All the Liquid Death Iced Tea flavors are sweetened with agave. In addition, they contain Vitamin B and a microdose of caffeine. The beverages can be purchased on Amazon.

Are you ready to Murder Your Thirst? It is time to take a gulp of the new Liquid Death Iced Tea.