Top Chef x HEATONIST hot sauces offer fans a taste of the competition at home

Top Chef x HEATONIST hot sauces collaboration, photo provided by Bravo
Top Chef x HEATONIST hot sauces collaboration, photo provided by Bravo /

With Top Chef Season 20 bringing together the best chefs from across the globe, food television fans are hungry for a taste of those impeccable dishes. Until taste-o-vision can become a reality, home cooks have to stand in front of the stove and recreate those dishes for themselves. Luckily, the Top Chef x HEATONIST hot sauces will bring those flavors to the plate.

Over the years, many Top Chef fans have longed to get a taste of the chefs cooking. Some people seek out the chef-testants restaurants. Even though a coveted few get to taste those dishes during the filming, food television has found ways to bring the competition off the screen to fans. As seen in previous seasons, partnerships with food brands are expanding, like the Talenti Quickfire winning flavor.

The new HEATONIST hot sauces offer a different experience for Top Chef fans. According to Shalina Mansharamani, Vice President, Brand Marketing, NBCUniversal, “fans of Bravo’s Top Chef have always wanted to bring some of the show’s magic into their own kitchens, and by teaming up with hot sauce innovators HEATONIST and season 12 winner Mei Lin, we found the perfect partnership to spice up the palates of our dedicated viewers.”

Top Chef HEATONIST hot sauces
Top Chef x HEATONIST hot sauces collaboration, photo provided by Bravo /

For the launch, the HEATONIST hot sauces are available in three flavors, Herbs Hot Sauce, Peppercorn Hot Sauce, and Garlic Hot Sauce. While each one is unique, the hot sauces are more than just a condiment. They seem to be more of a flavor enhancer for a variety of recipes.

The Herbs Hot Sauce is a bright, yet zesty flavor. A blend of herbs is combined with citrus and jalapeno. It could be used in a marinade, sauce, or even a dressing. Given these flavors, it would be delightful on chicken or even a white fish.

The Peppercorn Hot Sauce has ginger, habanero, and peppercorns. While the heat is apparent, it is more than just bold flavor. It is the balance that entices. While it is delightful in various sauces, a different choice is using it in a cocktail. A little heat in a cocktail can be quite enjoyable.

Lastly, the Garlic Hot Sauce is the boldest offering of the three. With ghost pepper, the sauce builds the spice level. More importantly, this hot sauce has a lot of umami. Just a little can keep any dish from being bland.

The Top Chef x HEATONIST hot sauces can be purchased as a trio set ($30) or individually ($12). They can be purchased at HEATONIST locations in New York or online at and

The Top Chef Season 20 premieres on March 9 on Bravo. This season is set in London, with a finale in Paris.