DoorDash and Chase partnership unlocks more value for consumers

DoorDash and Chase partnership announces new credit card, photo provided by Chase/DoorDash
DoorDash and Chase partnership announces new credit card, photo provided by Chase/DoorDash /

As consumers look to make purchases that have added value, company partnerships are a win for everyone. From built-in bonuses to convenience, the consumer is more willing to place that order. With the DoorDash and Chase partnership, everyday shoppable moments come with more benefits.

Over the years, DoorDash has become more than just a quick bite delivered to the door. While the convenience of satisfying that craving for sushi, burger, or even breakfast burrito will always be present, it is more than just those meal moments. Grocery items, pantry staples and other items can be ordered, too. It has become the one-stop shop for almost anything.

While people appreciate convenience, consumers are feeling economic constraints. When choosing to make a purchase, there needs to be added value in those dollars spent. The use of partnerships, reward programs and memberships can offer that incentive. It is not about getting behind a velvet rope. Instead it is about feeling appreciated for spending those dollars with a particular establishment.

The DoorDash and Chase partnership through its first-ever credit card comes with exclusive benefits for consumers. As a benefit for spending on that convenience, users will earn rewards for those purchases. Specifically, the offers related to how and what these consumers buy. The whole program appears to create a well-balanced approach to foster brand loyalty.

DoorDash and Chase partnership
DoorDash and Chase partnership announces new credit card, photo provided by Chase/DoorDash /

According to Usman Cheema, Senior Director of Global Partnerships at DoorDash, “Connecting people with the best of their neighborhoods is core to our mission, and we’re excited to unlock even more of that value for customers with this first-of-its-kind credit card.” Through shoppable moments, the partnership can empower local communities as well give consumers value for dollars spent.

While the specifics of the program can be found online, one added benefit for new card members is a free year of DashPass. As some consumers have found with these types of memberships, it makes ordering easier and sometimes more likely. By reducing ordering fees, some people are more willing to stay at home and have someone else do the legwork.

Looking at this type of brand partnership, there is a benefit for both organizations. While consumers are feeling the pinch of economic distress, finding ways to bring added value to every day purchases is key. Most people have to buy groceries. If those groceries can be delivered efficiently and money can be put back in their wallet, the concept has people listening and potentially grabbing that opportunity.

More information on the DoorDash and Chase partnership can be found on the Chase website.