Whitney Cummings shakes up a vibrant St. Patrick’s Day with Baileys, interview

Whitney Cummings for Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake, photo provided by Baileys
Whitney Cummings for Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake, photo provided by Baileys /

While Whitney Cummings often has a witty take on various parts of her life, the talented comedian and actress understands that sometimes life needs a little shake-up. With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, Cummings is ready to put on her best outfit, celebrate the Irish in everyone, and pour a spirited cocktail with some Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake.

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone feels a little Irish. Although the Baileys Irish Cream is a classic in coffee, a dessert cocktail, or even just poured over ice cream, the new flavor, Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake, brings a vibrant color to the glass. That minty color is a direct representation of the flavor.

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, Whitney Cummings shared how she appreciated the flavor. Specifically, she said that the Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake is “what an adult beverage should be.” It is about sipping and enjoying the flavor experience. Plus, she admitted “with the mint my breath is going to be a little fresher too. It’s like the best of both worlds.”

Looking back, Cummings remembers how her parents might have poured a little Baileys in their coffee. While the kids could not grab that cup, the idea stuck with her. And, with the new flavor, it is more than just any pour. The bottle, the flavor, and the moment come together for a complete package.

Whitney Cummings for Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake
Whitney Cummings for Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake, photo provided by Baileys /

Cummings shared that she is a “sucker for aesthetics.” From the bottle to the libation, there is something about celebrating that “best of sparkling fun.” For her, enjoying a cocktail does not have to include a harsh flavor. That Baileys toast is heartwarming, fun, and the best of all worlds. It is all about enjoying the moment and good times.

Although Cummings appreciates a celebration, she admits that sometimes she does not celebrate all the holidays because they can be dramatic. From the fighting at Christmas to the awkward history of Thanksgiving, it can be hard to find the levity in the moment. Although, she admitted that giving her nephew a drum set for Christmas brought her joy. Unfortunately, her brother may not be finding the same humor in the cacophony of banging in his house.

But, with St. Patrick’s Day, that holiday celebration is about putting on a great outfit, joining with friends, and raising a glass to good times. Cummings shared “I actually dress up for this holiday. I think that a special beverage dictates the wardrobe and the vibe.” While people can debate whether people actually need to wear green for the celebration, the reality is that holiday should be about having fun with people you enjoy spending time with.

As seen on her Instagram, the St. Patrick’s Day vibe with the Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake is all about the vibe. It is more than just any pour in the glass. Everyone is a little luckier with that sweet celebration.

While Cummings might appreciate a sweet martini, adult milkshake or something else, the Baileys Vanilla Milk Shake delivers. After all, when that sweet craving hits, it must be satisfied.

Even though Whitney Cummings might have her St. Patrick’s Day plans ready to be poured, she offered some insight into the comedy world. Although some comedians might have to walk a fine line these days Cummings believes that over the past couple of years that people have forgotten to laugh at themselves.

Speaking about her upcoming roast series, she wants people to understand that this form of comedy is not about being mean or harsh for effect. The art of roasting is to find the humor without putting someone down. Specially Cummings said, “Roasts are an amazing opportunity to own your mistakes and to make fun of yourself and to go. You know, we’re not taking life too seriously.”

For her it is important to have the right balance of people in these events so that it does not cross into that mean territory. Finding humor and appreciating the ability to laugh can be cathartic. It might not always be easy, but then again some things aren’t.

And, with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, it might be time to skip the tricks and pour a little sweet treat, like the Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake. For those looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it might come in the form of a sweet cocktail to toast the occasion.