The next must have ALDI Find is the new ALDI Gear Collection

New ALDI Gear Collection, photo provided by ALDI
New ALDI Gear Collection, photo provided by ALDI /

While that ALDI Gnome might be all dressed up for Spring, there is a new fashion offering that will have shoppers filling their cart during the next trip to the store. The new ALDI Gear Collection is the fashionable way that super fans will be showcasing the love of value. Which item will be added to the closet first?

Shopping at ALDI is more than just the weekly grocery run. The loyalty amongst these shoppers runs deep. While there is always savings in every cart, it is more than just keeping that food budget in check. It is about a deeper connection that fans have to the ALDI brand.

With the new ALDI Gear Collection, this new food fashion offering celebrates not just the company but also its fans. As Joan Kavanaugh, Vice President of National Buying at ALDI said, “ALDI fans’ love for our brand is unmatched. After we saw the success of our 2022 collection, it only made sense to up the ante this year. We see shoppers celebrating ALDI products, prices and value on a daily basis, and this impressive line of apparel, that’s not only stylish but versatile, gives us a chance to celebrate our customers right back.”

ALDI Gear Collection
New ALDI Gear Collection, photo provided by ALDI /

What items are in the new ALDI Gear Collection?

For 2023, the ALDI Gear Collection features a variety of items that range in price from $1.49 to $9.99. Whether people are buying these items for themselves, as a gift, or just because of the value, it seems likely that these items will fly off the shelves.

  • Keychain Quarter Holder – $1.49
  • Bucket Hat or Cap – $3.99
  • 2 Pack Socks – $4.99
  • Umbrella – $4.99
  • Slides – $4.99
  • Tumbler – $6.99
  • Belt Bag – $6.99
  • Windbreaker – $9.99
  • Jogger – $9.99
  • Pullover – $9.99

Truthfully, the spring launch is perfect for families preparing for Spring Break or summer vacations. Everyone knows that having an extra umbrella or hat in the car is imperative. Who hasn’t been caught in that unexpected downpour?

And, if someone is sending a kid off to camp, why not stock them with some extra socks, slides, and jackets. If the kids lose these items, parents might not be quite as heated versus losing those designer options.

Ready to show some ALDI love? What would you buy first?