Triple Dog Whiskey dares drinkers to think differently about Irish Whiskey

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, photo provided by Triple Dog
Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, photo provided by Triple Dog /

While James Joyce might have said, “The light music of whiskey falling into a glass…an agreeable interlude!” that melodic sentiment might need to be set to a different tune. Although many Irish Whiskey drinkers have a preferred libation, sometimes being pushed into a different direction can lead to more than just any agreeable pour. Whether it is a dare, a cajole, or something else, opening a bottle of Triple Dog Whiskey is challenge that many people will want to take.

Similar to American Bourbon, Irish Whiskey has certain requirements to earn that designation. One of the most known requirements is the minimum three years of aging. Although some distilleries have evolved the flavors over the years, the Irish label means that the liquid in the bottle is only a product of the Emerald Isle.

While there are many well-known brands on the shelf, some smaller distilleries are impressing whiskey drinkers with their creative approach to their liquors. Even though the traditional cereal base can sometimes offer a fruity note, there are plenty of other flavors that can be discovered in that pour.

With the Triple Dog Whiskey, the Irish distillery looked to do more than just take that “triple dog dare,” they intended to make one of the best Irish Whiskey offerings in the world. Coming from “the Wee County” in Ireland (County Louth), the coastal location imparts more than its sea air into each bottle. In some ways, that small region wants to prove that it can play with the big dogs. By becoming that disruptor, the brand found a way to impress even the most discerning palates.

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey
Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, photo provided by Triple Dog /

Although the bottle with a studded dog collar might not be a common Irish image, it makes people take notice. Beyond that slightly tough exterior lies a whiskey that has notes of sweetness that might make that visual “bark” more intimating that its “bite.”

Upon first pour, the Triple Dog Whiskey alludes to how it has been aged at least four years in French Oak. There is a subtly that makes it feel unlike other bottles on the shelf. Instead of the stuffy library where libations are enjoyed in hushed tones, this bottle is meant to toast boisterous nights with friends.

Although the phrase of “surprise and delight” might be overused in the food and beverage world, the reality is that this Irish Whiskey is meant to make drinkers take notice. Whether it is the sweetness of crème brulee or vanilla bean flavors or that toasted caramel aroma, this liquor is approachable for a wide audience. Again, it is not your grandfather’s whiskey and it does not apologize for that description.

Overall, this whiskey is delightful when drunk over a single ice cube or even neat. For a slightly different approach, a single orange peel, especially slightly burnt, can highlight the citrus flavors.

Truthfully, it deserves a moment to contemplate. Even though the concept might have been built on a dare, drinking a glass or two is quite enjoyable and there is not a single negative repercussion after accepting that glass to enjoy.

People can debate the modern approach to this offering, but the truth remains that it is an enjoyable drink. If this style of Irish whiskey invites more people to open a bottle, it should be embraced by all. Or, maybe some drinkers would like to keep this bottle as they secret find.

Triple Dog Whiskey is available in California and Texas stores. For other locations, bottles can be ordered online and shipped.