Make Daylight Savings Time switch easier with these free food promotions

Eggo Daylight Savings Time promotion, photo provided by Eggo
Eggo Daylight Savings Time promotion, photo provided by Eggo /

Beyond the difficulty of resetting clocks all over the house, the Daylight Savings Time switch can cause havoc in some households. From parents trying to keep kids on a schedule to just the loss of an hour in the day, this situation can make the whole next week a little less pleasant. Luckily, these free food promotions can make the transition a little tastier.

Over the past several years, the Daylight Savings Time switch sparked brands to offer some fun free food promotions. Whether it is breakfast, coffee, or something sweeter, the promise of something tasty can make the change more bearable.

This year, Eggo is back with its Daylight Savings Time promotion. This year, the brand found that “63% of parents would rather teach their kids math that deal with the madness following daylight-saving time.” Although the concept of common core math might be too much for anyone to handle, Eggo has another solution.

Daylight Savings Time switch promo from Eggo
Eggo Daylight Savings Time promotion, photo provided by Eggo /

On, parents can enter to win a $100 towards a sitter for that chaotic morning and some Eggo waffles. Hopefully, the kids save a waffle or two for the parents.

Klondike and Instacart have partnered to help tackle that grocery shopping to-do list. As many people have found that Instacart can be a time and money saver, Klondike wants to put a little extra in that virtual cart.

On Klondike’s Instagram page, people can enter to win a year of Instacart+ membership and some free Klondike. People need to comment on the post why they should win. It is another version of that iconic phrase, what would you do for a Klondike bar?

Although preparation before the Daylight Savings Time switch can be helpful, other food brands are looking to help the days after the change. As some people have found, that Monday can need a little extra motivation.

Denny’s is giving all its Rewards members a free cup of coffee on March 13. The free coffee offering will be available in their digital wallets.

In addition, New Yorkers will get a little extra boost on March 13. The Denny’s Coffee Tap will be pouring a huge caffeine fix for anyone who needs it. Located at New York City’s Flatiron Plaza, the pop-up event will run from 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST. It will be available while supplies last.

The two promotions help to kick off Denny’s “It’s Diner Time” platform. As the iconic restaurant brand celebrates its 70th anniversary, there are even more reasons to enjoy another Grand Slam Breakfast or one of the many other iconic menu items.

Lastly, Natural Grocers is celebrating its fifth annual Beat the Time Change Blues. Held from March 11 through 14, there are multiple special and free food offerings. From free coffee on March 11 to big savings on Natural Grocers’ already Always Affordable Prices, there are plenty of reasons to head to the store this weekend.

Do you have a tip that makes the Daylight Savings Time switch easier? Do you wish that spring forward would go away?