Bright, vibrant and refreshing: EXTRA Pink Lemonade gum brings a taste sunshine

EXTRA Pink Lemonade Gum, photo provided by EXTRA
EXTRA Pink Lemonade Gum, photo provided by EXTRA /

While the clocks might have sprung ahead, the warmer temperatures have people thinking of fun in the sun. Although those leisurely days might be filled with fun, the reality is that people need something refreshing to keep all the enjoyment going. With the new EXTRA Pink Lemonade gum, bright and vibrant enjoyment is a chew away and it could have people tickled pink.

Now available in stores, the EXTRA Pink Lemonade flavor captures that sweet, yet slightly tart taste. Although it might not have the chill from the beverage being poured over ice, it does capture the essence of the beverage. The fruity sweetness makes it quite enjoyable.

As Gabrielle Wesley, Chief Marketing Officer, Mars Wrigley North America said, “We hope EXTRA Pink Lemonade flavor will inspire moments of everyday happiness and become the perfect companion for ushering in the highly-anticipated spring sunshine. Pink Lemonade is a beloved flavor that is sure to be an EXTRA fan favorite, and perfect to be shared while connecting with friends and family – no matter the weather outside.”

In some ways, the limited-edition flavor adds a tart twist to the otherwise minty brand. While EXTRA has focused primarily on mint or wintergreen flavors, it does have two fruit forward options, Watermelon (sticks) and Berry Mix (Refreshers). While some people will always gravitate towards mint option as a breath freshener, the option to have a bright, tart flavor has appeal, especially going into the warmer months.

EXTRA Pink Lemonade Gum
EXTRA Pink Lemonade Gum, photo provided by EXTRA /

Thinking about the pink lemonade flavor, there is a simplicity to it. Whether it was grandma who always had a pitcher of lemonade for that backyard picnic or the idea that the sweet, tart beverage is refreshing on a hot day, that glass was always within reach.

Bringing pink lemonade to the offering adds another level of fun because of the color. While some people might not coordinate their accessories to their gum, there are people who will choose a food because of the color. Having that pink option in the sea of mint makes it a standout on the shelf.

The EXTRA Pink Lemonade is available now for a limited time. Check with retailers for availability.