Chips Ahoy brings an extra serving of happy to its 60th birthday celebration

Chips Ahoy! 6th birthday celebration, photo provided by Chips Ahoy!
Chips Ahoy! 6th birthday celebration, photo provided by Chips Ahoy! /

Turning 60 might be referred to as a diamond jubilee, but Chips Ahoy is taking its celebration up a level. While the classic cookie might bring happiness to any day, a birthday celebration, especially a big one, needs to be epic. This year, the Happiest Birthday Party celebration is waiting to be unwrapped.

For many people, a simple, classic chocolate chip cookie is always flavor perfection. Whether paired with milk, crumbled into ice cream, or transformed into a myriad of other treats, there are many ways to enjoy that cookie.

Given that cookie brand is 60 years old, it has been part of many people’s celebrations and daily enjoyments. It could be the dessert in the school lunch box to a quiet moment at the end of the day. No matter the reason, those cookies are waiting to be enjoyed.

Since birthdays are not just any old day and turning 60 is a momentous one, Chips Ahoy is going all out for its celebration. According to Sabrina Sierant, Senior Director, Chips Ahoy!, “Chips Ahoy! is ‘Here for Happy’ and we know birthdays are some of the happiest times of year for everyone, no matter how old you are. We are always looking for ways to up the ante when it comes to celebrating, so this year, we’re excited to offer some of our biggest fans the chance to have the most memorable, happiest birthday celebration ever through our sweepstakes.”

Chips Ahoy birthday giveaway
Chips Ahoy! 6th birthday celebration, photo provided by Chips Ahoy! /

For two lucky people, they will get the Below Deck life by being able to party on a Chips Ahoy! luxury yacht. In addition, 300 winners will get limited-edition Chips Ahoy! Happiest Party Kits. These specialty kits include custom brand-inspired merch designed by streetwear designer Vandy The Pink in addition to other branded items. The contest is available at and runs through May 15.

And, for those who want to start celebrating right now, consider opening a package of Chewy Confetti Cake Flavored Cookies. Launched earlier this year, the brightly colored, soft cookies turn any moment into a celebration. Just because it might not be someone’s actual birthday does not mean that there isn’t a reason to celebrate.

What is your favorite Chips Ahoy! cookie offering? Do you prefer crunchy cookies or softer ones?