New Belgium Brewing Wild Nectar Hard Juice brings bold flavor to every sip

New Belgium Brewing Wild Nectar Hard Juice, photo provided by New Belgium Brewing
New Belgium Brewing Wild Nectar Hard Juice, photo provided by New Belgium Brewing /

While some people find that sipping that Voodoo Ranger IPA feels like soaring above the clouds, not every occasion calls for a beer. Although the ready to drink canned cocktail market has had strong growth and the hard seltzer market continues to have its fans, there is a beverage segment that has not been addressed. For people who want that fruit-forward alcoholic beverage, their can is now full. Ready to sip on the New Belgium Brewing Wild Nectar Hard Juice.

The Wild Nectar Hard Juice is a new take on the hard beverage space. Clearly juice forward, it is meant to be zesty, vibrant. At the same time, it is not about pouring alcohol into a heavy juice. It feels light, fresh, and has an easy drinkability.

According to Jared Spagnola, Brand Manager at New Belgium Brewing, “Consumers are looking for more options in the hard beverage space, so we created an exciting new product in this new category that delivers a unique flavor experience. Wild Nectar is incredibly easy drinking without sacrificing on big, fresh fruit flavor.”

Available in three flavors, Passionfruit Lime, Strawberry Guava, and Passionfruit Orange Mango, there is a tropical vibe to the brand. It might not come with a beach breeze, but the flavors invite a moment of sipping escapism. Although there are no umbrellas attached to the can, it feels like cracking one open is a toast to the carefree life.

New Belgium Brewing Wild Nectar Hard Juice
New Belgium Brewing Wild Nectar Hard Juice, photo provided by New Belgium Brewing /

With 15% juice in each can, the approach is more than just a hint of flavor. To be clear, there is some pulp in the can. For optimum drinking, it is better to gently turn over the can to distribute the pulp before drinking. But, this can should not be shaken due to the carbonation.

Combined with a light carbonation, the sip is refreshing, easy, and approachable. Whether drunk through a straw, straight from the can, or poured over ice, it is delightful on a warm, sunny day.

Looking at the three flavors, the most approachable option is the passionfruit orange mango. While that passionfruit adds a touch of tart to the citrus, it is well rounded flavor. For anyone who likes a mimosa, this flavor is a wonderful alternative. Also, for a bigger citrus boost, consider pouring the beverage over frozen orange cubes or orange slices frozen in ice.

The Strawberry Guava has a flavor reminiscent of some classic desserts. That sweet, tropical flavor will make anyone skip that strawberry daiquiri for a beverage that has more depth of flavor. Consider serving this beverage with some mofongo or even some fried plantains.

Lastly, the Passionfruit Lime is delightfully tart without too much pucker. On that warm day, this flavor will go down easy.

The New Belgium Brewing Wild Nectar is available at select retailers in Colorado, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. The Passionfruit Orange Mango is available in a 12-oz slim can 4-pack and the Strawberry Guava and Passionfruit Lime is available in a 12-oz slim can 8-pack. It has a 5% ABV, is gluten free, and has 130 calories or less.