RITZ Everything Toasted Chips might be the ultimate snack flavor

RITZ Everything Toasted Chips, photo provided by RITZ
RITZ Everything Toasted Chips, photo provided by RITZ /

While RITZ might be the classic cracker that goes with almost anything, the Chips version brings an added crunchiness to the conversation. Building on the everything flavor trend, the new RITZ Everything Toasted Chips are hitting the shelf just in time for March Madness munching.

The Toasted Chips from Ritz can be enjoyed by the handful, used with dips, or topped with a variety of toppings. That added crunch adds to the snack’s versatility. In comparison to regular crackers, these chips are easy to enjoy by the handful.

Joining the line is the new RITZ Everything Toasted Chips. Given that Everything seasoning has taken over almost every aisle in the store, it makes sense that RITZ would include this flavor. Whether eaten on its own, used with dip, or topped with some cheese, these chips will quickly become a favorite.

Also, the seasoning with the crispness adds a boost of flavor. For a special treat, consider combining the Cheddar Chips with the Everything Seasoning for a tasty snack mix.

The RITZ Everything Toasted Chips can be found in the snack aisle. It joins the other flavors of Ranch, Cheddar, and Sour Cream and Onion. Check with retailers for pricing and availability.

The newest RITZ flavor comes as March Madness begins, which is often considered snacking season. While fans watching at home will want to have a bowl or two on the table while watching the games, there are more ways to enjoy the snack. RITZ is giving fans a chance to win tickets to the 2024 NCAA Final Four.

And for those people lucky enough to attend the Final Four games, RITZ Toasted Chips will be on site. From a 20 foot tall Toasted Chips hoop tree to samples, it turns snack time into a slam dunk.