Crack open a Guinness to enjoy and cook with on St. Patrick’s Day

Guinness St. Patrick's Day celebrations, photo provided by Guinness
Guinness St. Patrick's Day celebrations, photo provided by Guinness /

From starting the day with a full Irish Breakfast or enjoying a cured salmon for dinner, St. Patrick’s Day food can be more than just a bowl of Lucky Charms. Since some of the celebrations bring together friends for pint or two, Guinness could inspire not only the beverage in the glass but also the dish on the table. Ready to raise glass and a fork with the iconic beer?

According to YorkTest, “St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the Irish heritage of approximately 31 million Irish-Americans living within the US, but this celebration also comes with a lot of parades, and an 819% increase in Guinness consumption.” While some people enjoy that Irish beer all year long, the March holiday is often the time when it is front and center.

Over the years, beer drinkers have learned that the dark color does not mean that the beverage is heavy. The smooth, rather easy drinking stout has broken through those misconceptions. Although a well-poured draft is essential, there is a reason why the Irish beer has stood the test of time.

Guinness St. Patrick's Day celebrations
Guinness St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, photo provided by Guinness /

This year, Guinness believes that everyone will be joining together for a rousing good time around the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. According to Mark Phillips, Head of Beer & Hard Seltzer at Diageo North America, “It’s time to be bold – just like the flavors in our beer. Our communities are counting on us to bring the celebration like never before, while giving back as well. Who says you can’t have some fun and do good at the same time?”

In addition to enjoying a pint, why not use that Irish beer as an ingredient in some tasty recipes. On the brand’s website, there are plenty of dishes to try. From the traditional Shepherd’s Pie to some Glazed Drumsticks, there food possibilities are plenty.

For the more skilled cook, the Irish Mashed Potato Croquettes with Guinness Draught Cheese Sauce hits all the Irish flavors and ingredients. Great for sharing with friends, these little potato bites are bursting with flavor. Plus, mastering that cheese sauce is a must. It can be used in a variety of other recipes.

Whether the St. Patrick’s Day celebration comes with a classic stout, cocktail, or even some Lucky Charms, remember the Irish Proverb.

May you always have walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire.