Peet’s Coffee celebrates Earth Month with more plant-based food offerings

Peet’s Coffee celebrates Earth Month with more plant-based food offerings, photo provided by Peet's Coffee
Peet’s Coffee celebrates Earth Month with more plant-based food offerings, photo provided by Peet's Coffee /

While some people might only enjoy a black cup of coffee, that simple pour may be less common. In a world full of extra pumps, colorful hues, and multiple milks, coffee is just the backdrop to a multi-layered beverage. Ahead of Earth Month, Peet’s Coffee celebrates plant-based food offerings with its spring menu.

As part of Peet’s Spring beverage menu, the popular brand is celebrating the diversity of flavors and plant-based offerings on its menu. It has peeled back the lid on secret menu items and put them front and center.

While Peet’s has always been a leader in the plant-based food and beverage space, this spring menu showcases the flavor diversity. For anyone who might have been skeptical, it is the perfect time to take a sip.

According to Jessica Buttimer, Vice President of Brand at Peet’s Coffee, “Our mission at Peet’s is to serve the finest coffee possible, and that means providing coffee lovers with choices for plant-based milk. We first introduced non-dairy options to our coffeebars in 1995 with soy milk and Peet’s was among the first coffee retailers to offer almond milk in 2013, followed by oat milk in 2019. Where we can lead, we will. This April, our customers can enjoy the variety on us at no extra charge.”

The spring beverage menu includes new Lavender Vanilla Almond Latte and Lavender Cold Brew Oat Latte. In addition, the Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte is now on the menu.

Peet's Coffee spring menu beverages
Peet’s Spring menu includes several plant-based beverages, photo provided by Peet’s Coffee /

Similar to the flowers that bloom in spring, the Lavender Vanilla Almond Latte offers a subtle floral and sweet flavor. Made with plant-based Califia Farms Almond Barista Blend and Espresso Forte, the latte has a depth of flavor that makes the sipping quite enjoyable. The lavender is present but subtle. And, the touch of Madagascar vanilla rounds out all the other flavors.

The Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte has that slightly herbal flavor without becoming too overpowering. The Mighty Leaf Ceremonial Matcha is combined with the plant-based Califia Farms Almond Barista Blend. While it is a touch sweet, the vibrant color is inviting. Always an off-menu favorite, the beverage deserves another order.

Lastly, the Lavender Cold Brew Oat Latte is perfect for the smooth coffee lovers. While that lavender syrup offers a nuanced flavor, the combination with the creamy oat milk is quite enjoyable.

According to Peet’s, 34% of the brand’s milk used is non-dairy. With year over year increase, it proves that plant-based beverages are here to stay and are growing. Whether it is a permanent switch or just an occasional swap, there are plenty of options in the glass.

While the beverages will get most of the attention, the Peet’s Coffee spring menu has other plant-based food options. Those items include the returning Plant-Based Mediterranean Flatbread and Everything Plant-Based Sandwich.

The Peet’s Coffee spring menu is available now for a limited time. Check with stores for availability and options.