Best hot ham recipes that will spice up the Easter table

Hot Ham recipe, Habanero Chipotle Ham, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap
Hot Ham recipe, Habanero Chipotle Ham, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap /

Tired of bland, boring Easter ham? While that food might be a holiday tradition, the same old recipe can be a little stale. It is time to pump up the flavor and definitely leave a lasting impression. These hot ham recipes from Reynolds Wrap will have everyone feeling a little flushed by the end of the meal.

In many households, the salt and pepper on the table is not the only way that people are amplifying food’s flavor. Hot sauce often has a prime spot on the table. From a dash on eggs to hot honey on pizza, there is no shortage for that fiery condiment.

Over the years, Reynolds Wrap has offered creative takes on Easter ham recipes. From being inspired by the candy in the Easter basket to unlikely food combinations, there is no excuse for another boring, bland ham to be on the table.

According to Lisa Giardina, senior brand manager, Reynolds Consumer Products, “While ham is an Easter essential, we wanted to challenge brave foodies and spice lovers to put a fun, fiery twist on this classic holiday gathering staple.”

For Easter, Reynolds Wrap has offered three hot ham recipes for consideration. They are The Hot Honey Ham, Buffalo Ham, and Habanero Chipotle Ham. While each one has a particular inherent spice level, the recipes can be modified slightly for taste.

Hot Honey Ham recipe for Easter
Hot Honey Ham photo provided by Reynolds /

The Hot Honey Ham is a simple twist on a traditional ham recipe. While a brown sugar glaze is often common on ham, this option brings more depth of flavor. With the additional jalapenos, it feels bold yet not overpowering. For the next day sandwich, this recipe is a winner.

The most daring recipe is the Buffalo Ham. While its appearance with celery skewers will get a reaction at the table, it might be a great way for people to eat more vegetables with their meal. But, if people are not fans of blue cheese, they might need to modify this option a little. Maybe a ranch swap would make those Midwesterners happy.

These hot ham recipes and more food recipe ideas can be found on the Reynolds website. All the recipes use Reynolds Wrap, which makes for easy clean-up after cooking. After all, the Easter bunny can quickly hop away after delivering those baskets, but the home cook cannot escape from the post-meal clean-up as quickly.