Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 29 exclusive clip: Is this a bar or a hamburger joint?

Bar Rescue Gallery, photo courtesy Paramount Network
Bar Rescue Gallery, photo courtesy Paramount Network /

With well over 200 episodes, Bar Rescue has both captivated and concerned viewers. While some people might like a kitschy neighborhood hole in the wall, an ineffective bar is not good for the owners or patrons. On Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 29, “Pool House Rock,” Jon Taffer is tasked with fixing one of the most inefficient ordering concepts.

Over the years, Jon Taffer has effectively turn failing bars into successful business endeavors. Whether it is inexperienced staff, unorthodox owners, or lack of business acumen, Taffer has effective, proven methods that can turn around a fledgling bar.

Airing on Sunday, March 26 at 10 p.m. on Paramount Network, Bar Rescue Season 8 episode 29, “Pool House Rock,” features the following: “Jon confronts an owner who moved his family to pursue his lifelong dream of opening a bar, only for his wife to do all the work.”

In this exclusive episode clip provided to FoodSided, the bar’s ordering methods might be too rigid for anyone’s liking.

The concept of ordering a food or beverage from a single point of sale seems ludicrous. While it might work at a hamburger joint or a fast food restaurant, the whole concept of a bar is the communal experience. No one wants to feel like they are in elementary school asking for permission to order that drink.

Although it can be helpful to have order behind the bar, a single point of sale only adds to inefficiency. While it can work in a grab and go scenario, it is not the concept when a bar owner wants to keep the drinks flowing.

While this clip may not reveal the reasoning why the bartenders cannot handle orders, there could be a skimming issue or other management problem. That situation can be more easily solved. Owners need to trust their employees and vice versa.

In addition to the drink ordering issue, the kitchen tickets appear to be a nightmare. Having a chef also be a server would cause any kitchen to fail. This concept might go down in the failure hall of fame.

How will Jon Taffer turn around this disaster? Be sure to turn into Bar Rescue Season 8 episode 29 on Paramount Network, Sunday, March 26 at 10 p.m. EST. New episodes air every week. Additional episodes can be streamed on various platforms.