Wisconsin Cheese’s Wedgewater Spa offers the ultimate cheesy rejuvenation

Wisconsin Cheese opens The Wedgewater Spa, photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese
Wisconsin Cheese opens The Wedgewater Spa, photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese /

As many people can appreciate, cheese lovers are often passionate about their favorite food. While they might believe that life is gouda with a little extra grating on everything, the reality is that being passionate about that food can extend beyond the cheese board. With the special Wedgewater Spa, Wisconsin Cheese opens the door to a different cheese cave and offers the ultimate turophile relaxation.

Opening on April 1, the Wedgewater Spa offers high-end cheese therapy. Instead of bathing in salt waters or hoping that minerals will bring the fountain of youth, this Wisconsin oasis is the mecca of dairy rejuvenation.

As Victoria Curdsworthy, Wedgewater’s Director of Experience, said, “Now everyone will understand what Wisconsinites have known for decades: the real secret to great skin and a happy life is great cheese.” It is the only way to melt your worries away.

Looking at the specialty treatments, they offer a wide range of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether guests choose a simple treatment or prefer to spend an entire day embracing the turophile oasis, Wedgewater Spa will appease their desires on April 1.

Wedgewater Spa by Wisconsin Cheese
Wisconsin Cheese opens The Wedgewater Spa, photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese /

Describing some of the special whole-body benefits of cheese, Dairyl Bechamel from the Center for Dairy Research said, “Our research shows that the essential proteins, natural fats and amino acids in cheese provide the ultimate moisturizing and anti-aging benefits.” Although results may vary, Bechamel commented, “There’s definite irony in the fact that a 5-year aged cheddar facemask can help you look five years younger.”

For the spa newbies, it might be best to start with some approachable services, like the Fromage Facial. Featuring Wisconsin originals like Upland’s Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Carr Valley’s Gran Canaria and Dunbarton Blue from Roelli Cheese Haus, this service is meant to cleanse and clarify while uncovering skin’s natural radiance.

Another choice could be the Raw Milk Baths. The natural lactic acids of milk will help wash away stress as guests sit in the cooper cheese vats. But remember, this bath is just for sitting, not sipping.

Other spa services are for the more adventurous. Rind scrubs can exfoliate all those problem areas. The Gouda Wax will definitely leave skin smooth, just like that cheese covering.

The Salt Brine Bliss Colonic might be a little more invasive, but it could leave people feeling a little lighter. For those who partake in the Limburger Moisturizing Mist, they might want to consider their post-spa stop since the aroma is an acquired taste.

The Wedgewater Spa from Wisconsin Cheese opens on April 1. More information on all the spa treatments, the ultimate in cheese relaxation and more can be found on the spa’s website.

And, it might be best to hurry to book those treatment appointments. This once in a lifetime experience might be fleeting.