Baskin Robbins PB ‘n J Ice Cream is a new take on classic combo

Baskin Robbins PB 'n J Ice Cream, photo provided by Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins PB 'n J Ice Cream, photo provided by Baskin Robbins /

After surprising everyone with the Chick’n & Waffles ice cream, brunch will never be the same. With the April Flavor of the Month, the scoop takes a classic combination that everyone loves to a new level. Ready for that first take of Baskin Robbins PB n’ Ice Cream?

While those classic 31 flavors might be a scoop of nostalgia, the reality is that Baskin Robbins has been pushing the flavor boundaries recently. From last year’s spicy offering to last month’s brunch take, the cone is filled with something more flavorful than vanilla.

For April Flavor of the Month, Baskin Robbins goes back to a classic flavor combination that many people love, peanut butter and jelly. While people can debate crunchy versus smooth, this dessert makes a bigger food assertion, grape over strawberry.

According to Jeanne Bolger, Director of Product Research & Development for Baskin-Robbins, “Nothing sparks more joy than the nostalgic taste of peanut butter and jelly, which is why we decided to put a contemporary twist on the tasty and timeless treat with our new PB ‘n J Ice Cream. In true Baskin-Robbins fashion, our new Flavor of the Month and spring lineup of sips and cakes has something for everyone to celebrate life’s yay moments, big or small.”

Baskin Robbins PB 'n J Ice cream
Baskin Robbins PB ‘n J Ice Cream, photo provided by Baskin Robbins /

The April Flavor of the Month, the PB ‘n J Ice cream features smooth peanut butter ice cream. Swirled into that base is grape jelly and brown butter flavored ice cream. Although strawberry fans might have preferred their favorite jelly, the real find in this creation is the brown butter ice cream. That sweet nuttiness makes it feel a little more elevated.

While people can debate crust, no crust, or vertical versus diagonal cuts, the reality is that the combination of slightly salty, peanuts with a sweet, fruity jam always satisfies. Even if that was the only sandwich that could be in the lunchbox, the reality is that people remember those flavors fondly. Sometimes the simple, classic combinations are the ones that always satisfy.

The April Flavor of the Month, PB ‘N J Ice cream is available at Baskin Robbins through the month or while supplies last. Check with local stores for availability and pricing.