Why hasn’t the pretzel crust pizza taken over the pizza market?

Pretzel Crust Pizza from Little Caesars, photo provided by Little Caesars
Pretzel Crust Pizza from Little Caesars, photo provided by Little Caesars /

When Little Caesars announced the return of its pretzel crust pizza, fans cheered that the favorite food was back. Even though the popular twist on a traditional pizza dough has come and gone off the menu over the years, people cannot get enough of the soft crust sprinkled with salt. Why hasn’t pretzel taken over the pizza market?

The return of the Little Caesars pretzel crust pizza had people running to place that first order. It could be the salty and savory flavor that is a tasty contrast to combination of cheeses, cheddar cheese sauce, and pepperoni. When that traditional red sauce has lost its flavor, the switch can reinvigorate pizza night. Maybe people just want that different flavor.

As Greg Hamilton, Chief Marketing Officer, Little Caesars commented, “Despite bringing it back several times, it feels like the pretzel fervor has not waned. We’re bracing ourselves for the predictable outcry on social media when it eventually goes away again.”

Based on that statement, it is clear that people like the flavor and will make sure to place an order or more.  But, it is not going to be a permanent menu item. If there is such a fan base for pretzel crust pizza why isn’t it an option beyond that Little Caesars?

pretzel crust pizza Little Caesars
Pretzel Crust Pizza from Little Caesars, photo provided by Little Caesars /

Looking at pizza, there are many types of crusts. Options like stuffed, pull apart and even cauliflower all have their place on the menu or even in the freezer aisle. Some brands have even transformed that pizza with croissant crusts. Given the many options that can be formed on that pan, why is pretzel still delegated to a limited time offering or just that warm, dipped appetizer.

Some people have embraced the idea of an over the top pretzelcuterie idea. Filled with meat and cheese, some of the flavors are similar to a traditional pizza. Maybe people just want to play with their food or control the bite instead of ingredients piled high on the slice.

Still, there seems to be a calling for that pretzel crust pizza. For now, it is back on the Little Caesars menu. It is just $6.99. Given it will be gone, again, before people realize, it might be best to enjoy plenty of slices to ensure that the flavor is embedded in that food memory.