Pretzelcuterie transforms the cheeseboard into the ultimate game day food

Pretzelcuterie, photo by Cristine Struble
Pretzelcuterie, photo by Cristine Struble /

While many people have carefully curated the perfect cheeseboard, it is time to think beyond the salami river, cute visual or otherwise impressive offering. With pretzelcuterie, it twists the board offerings in a most delicious way.

For many people, game day food falls in various categories. Whether it is chips, dips or even those always popular chicken wings, the food options are often easy to eat. Without missing a minute of action, that tasty treat can be grabbed easily.

Thinking about the cheeseboard, the ability to graze has been one of the reasons for its popularity. Whether the board has a theme, a selection of favorite foods, or a mix of new and traditional, it is the variety that keeps people going back for another bite.

Since many people are looking for a new game day food option, a food mash-up can bring some excitement to the table. When a visual gets a reaction from the crowd, based solely on the presentation, it can make that first bite even more exciting.

The idea of pretzelcuterie is simple. A large, Bavarian style pretzel is the serving vessel for a variety of charcuterie items. From cheeses to meats to nuts and fruits, the food combinations are many. Each section keeps the various ingredients separated. Plus, the serving vessel is edible. No food waste to be had.

When thinking about this idea, there are many ways to serve the concept. Thinking about game day, why not add some ingredients based on the two teams. The Green Bay Packer connection to Wisconsin Cheese is obvious, but there are many options. Every team has some type of signature food or riff on a signature food that could work.

Plus, this type of idea invites people to play with their food. From tearing off a piece of pretzel to creating the perfect composed bite, there are plenty of options to enjoy it. In some ways, there might need to be multiple pretzels to enjoy so that no one leaves hungry.

What do you think of the idea of pretzelcuterie? Would you serve this at your next game day party?