World’s largest cheeseboard is a cheese fan’s dream


The world’s largest cheeseboard is no longer a fantasy. Wisconsin can officially lay claim to this special distinction and cheese fans are rejoicing.

Cheese lovers are drooling. It is official the world’s largest cheeseboard has been proclaimed by the Guinness World Records. The epic, mouth-watering display by the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin was impressive in so many ways. From the sheer amount of cheese to the varieties, this ginormous cheeseboard will surely go down in food history.

This Wisconsin record setting cheeseboard was “35 feet long and 7 feet wide” with 4,437 pounds of cheese. More importantly, it had “145 different varieties, types and styles of Wisconsin’s unique and specialty and artisan cheeses.” Wisconsin has so many cheese makers that it can offer the vast variety of cheeses. From larger producers to small, artesian purveyors, Wisconsin has it all.

during a Guinness World Records winning attempt at the worlds largest cheeseboard in downtown Madison, Wis., on Wednesday, Aug. 1. The final weight of the cheese on the board came to 4,437 pounds. photo provided by Diary Farmers of Wisconsin

Looking at this impressive cheeseboard, the centerpiece was a Henning’s 2,000 pound cheddar wheel. Can you image the amount of macaroni and cheese, cheese sandwiches and cheese plates that could be made with that cheese wheel? Even more important, that cheese is delicious. Without being too sharp, the flavor is nuanced yet intense.

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Of course, the cheeseboard had many other cheese offerings. From the infamous squeaky cheese curds to the fresh feta, the variety was astounding. While everyone seems to have favorite cheese, the variety allows people to explore cheese and its robust flavors. Even if a pungent blue cheese isn’t your favorite, another more subtle blue cheese could surprise you. Personally, I would have jumped at grabbing a handful of squeaky cheese curds. Those little bite-sized cheese goodness are my favorite snack.

While receiving this impressive distinction is a great, the cheeseboard didn’t go to waste. The record setting cheeseboard was enjoyed by 2,000 fans. Guests even bid on full wheels of cheese and the proceeds went to charity. Lastly, the remaining cheese was donated to Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin.

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With the title of world’s largest cheeseboard in hand, what’s next for the Diary Farmers of Wisconsin? Cheese fans will have to wait and see. In my house, it is almost meat and cheese Sunday. Luckily, this award winning cheeseboard has given me some cheese inspiration.