Bushwood Beer is the perfect beer to enjoy at the 19th hole

Bushwood Beer, photo provided by BrewDog
Bushwood Beer, photo provided by BrewDog /

Hitting the links with friends can be the perfect way to spend the day. Others prefer a leisurely afternoon watching the professional golfers hit the impossible shot. Whether that back nine is full of birdies or a few drives head for the drink, it is about enjoying the moment. More importantly, there is a new beer to stock in that cooler, Bushwood Beer.

One of the most iconic movies, Caddyshack is more than just a golf story. It has generated pop culture moments that have stood the test of time. Whether it is being the ball or the obsession over the antics of a gopher, the movie can be watched over and over. More importantly, that fictional world has found its way into the real world. Now, everyone can get a taste of that golf life with Bushwood Beer.

BrewDog, in collaboration with Warner Bros, is launching Bushwood Beer. The limited release is an approachable, sessionable pilsner that can go from the front nine to dinner later in the evening.

Bushwood Beer from BrewDog
Bushwood Beer, photo provided by BrewDog /

According to Jason Block, CEO of BrewDog USA, “The whole BrewDog team is thrilled to dust off our clubs and collaborate with Warner Bros. to celebrate Caddyshack with a delicious, new pilsner. We are excited to celebrate a classic film such as Caddyshack and create a quality, on-theme brew. We are grateful for the opportunity to pay homage to a film which has kept us laughing for decades.”

While there might be different beverages seen in Caddyshack, the Bushwood Beer looks to have wide appeal. At just 5% ABV, the hope is that enjoying one will not make that slice get any worse during the round. More importantly, the pilsner flavor is one that many people will appreciate. From the moderate carbonation to the slightly grassy lemon flavors, this beer is great on its own, enjoyed with that hot dog at the turn, or even with all the happy hour snacks.

Although drinking one of these beers does not guarantee that your ship will come in, there should be a smile on your face after finishing one. Bushwood Beer is sold in a 6-pack for $12.99. To find a retailer, please check with the BrewDog website.