Step into a sweet adventure at Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition

Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition, photo provided by Hershey's Chocolate World
Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition, photo provided by Hershey's Chocolate World /

Hershey’s Chocolate World Attractions delight guests with a glimpse into the confectionery Hershey world. Whether it is allowing guests to indulge in some outrageous desserts or allowing them to embrace the nostalgic quality that unites all candy fans, the all-ages locale is a favorite stop. Ahead of the summer travel season and its 50th Anniversary, Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition invites guests to step into this multi-sensory experience.

As many food and travel enthusiasts appreciate, adding new experiences with favorite attractions have guests coming back for visit after visit. With technological advancements, the immersive experiences are even more jaw dropping. With the new Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition, guests get transported into a decadent, sweet candy world.

According to Suzanne Jones, Vice President of The Hershey Experience, “We are proud to bring fans a new experience unlike any other attraction of its kind in North America. HERSHEY’S GREAT CANDY EXPEDITION combines the nostalgia of train-style travel, the story of Hershey’s beloved candy brands, and cutting-edge technology into a brand-new family-friendly experience for all ages to mark Hershey’s Chocolate World’s 50th anniversary year!”

Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition
Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition, photo provided by Hershey’s Chocolate World /

Although traveling by train might not be quite as popular these days, there is something almost romantic about standing at the station, stepping aboard, and heading off on an adventure. In this experience, the attraction captures the golden age of travel. As guests traverse three different areas, they are introduced to important concepts and influences that impacted Milton Hershey’s journey.

Incorporating sounds, lights, and smells, it involves all the senses. Using some of the latest technology, guests will be mesmerized by this experience. Whether they know some of the references or they are being introduced to ideas for the first time, they will be telling all their friends about the newest attraction.

Thinking about this all-ages inclusive experience, it shows that thrills do not have to come with big drops and hairpin turns. Sometimes the moments that have jaws dropping and leave a lasting memory connect to a sight, sound, and flavor. The hope is that when a guest bites into that Reese’s peanut butter cup, they will think back to this immersive candy adventure.

The new 30-minute experience will debut on May 19. It is part of the many special events and attractions associated with the 50th anniversary Hershey’s Chocolate World celebration. Tickets can be booked online.