Mallory Swanson celebrates Cracker Jill, resilience, and inspiring others, interview

Mallory Swanson for Cracker Jill, photo provided by Cracker Jack
Mallory Swanson for Cracker Jill, photo provided by Cracker Jack /

From the soccer pitch to the baseball diamond, women have earned their place on every playing field. While the journey might not have been the straightest path, women’s sports has a place on that center stage. Building on that idea of if you see it, you can believe it, Cracker Jill partnered with professional soccer player, Mallory Swanson, to encourage female athletes to share their I Am Cracker Jill story. In a recent interview with FoodSided, Swanson shared why this partnership not only inspires her but can be another step forward in giving women athletes a stronger voice.

When Cracker Jack first launched Cracker Jill, the idea was more than just an engaging image on the bag of an iconic snack food. It showed girls, women, and everyone else that female athletes are changing the game. It is no longer just the occasional person making front line news. That conversation is always front and center. More importantly, it is all inclusive.

Recently, Mallory Swanson joined Cracker Jill in its I Am Cracker Jill Award campaign. Female athletes ages 15 to 24 can share their stories. The contest is meant to inspire others to keep dreaming big and always keep moving forward.

Mallory Swanson for Cracker Jill
Mallory Swanson for Cracker Jill, photo provided by Cracker Jack /

During FoodSided’s conversation with Mallory Swanson, she shared some insight on her sports journey. While there have been both highs and lows in her soccer career, Swanson appreciates that her efforts and dedication is only one part of her success.

Swanson said, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support from my family, from my teammates and from my coaches. You can’t do it all by yourself.” While Swanson has experienced some adversity in her career, she believes that her journey can show other female athletes that it is a group effort to succeed. In those moments where encouragement can help get to the next level, a support system is vital.

Even though Swanson understands that concept now, it took her some time to appreciate the idea. She admitted that sometimes it can be harder to grasp at a younger age. She believes, “the younger that you can do it, the better your career will be. I was a better person for getting through those moments in my career. It was rewarding.”

While Swanson appreciates that her journey is unique to her, she believes that the visibility of female athletes is encouraging for everyone. Given the breadth and depth of women at the top of their game, it is inspiring for everyone both on and off the field. From the young girl who sees someone like her to wanting to be the next great trailblazer, the reality is that the possibilities to dream bigger are growing.

Today, Mallory Swanson plays for Chicago Red Stars. She has seen the soccer community grow in the area and believes that there is even more potential for national growth. With the Women’s World Cup matches set to head to Australia this summer, Swanson believes that it is an even more exciting time for the sport.

As more stories come out through the I Am Cracker Jill campaign, the hope is that female athletes, across sports, will create a bigger sense of community. While the classic song about enjoying some Cracker Jack at the ballgame might bring smiles all around, seeing a diverse group of women on that playing field can be more joyful for years to come.

More information on the I Am Cracker Jill campaign can be found online. Select ballparks and stores will be selling Cracker Jill bags.